G C Reddy Profile

G C Reddy Profile

G C Reddy, Information Technology Trainer and Consultant

Born in Kurugonda Village, Ozili Mandal, Nellore District, AP, India. Now I am living in Hyderabad City, Telangana, India.

Worked as a,

i) Network Administrator

ii) Software Developer (Using COBOL)

iii) Business Analyst

iv) Software Tester (Manual Tester, Automation Tester using WinRunner, QTP/UFT, Selenium...)
v) Software Testing Trainer and Consultant 


i) Class Room Training Programs

ii) Corporate Training Programs

iii) Online Training Programs


i) Manual Testing


iii) Selenium

iv) LoadRunner

v) Java

vi) Perl

Created knowledge sharing platforms,

i) www.gcreddy.com (Website)
ii) www.youtube.com/gcreddy (Video Channel)

Software Knowledge:

i) Computer Programming (COBOL, C, C++, Java, VBScript, Perl and Python....)

ii) Database Technologies (SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL...)

iii) Software Testing (Manual Testing, Functional Test Automation using UFT/QTP, Selenium..., Performance Test Automation Using LoadRunner and JMeter...)
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I) Career Brief:

Involvement in Setting up Test Environments, Requirements Management, Client Interactions, Test Infrastructure Development, Test Strategy Development, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Automation, Test Execution (Manual and Automated), Defect Reporting, Defect Tracking, Test Status Reporting, Test Closure Activities and Risk Management.

II) Software Testing Summary:

• Familiar with all Phases of Software Development Life Cycle and different life cycle models like Waterfall, V Model, Prototype and Agile models.
• Expertise on all levels of Testing (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Acceptance Testing)
• Expertise on Functional and Non-Functional Testing
• Expertise in Creating Test Plans, Generating Test Scenarios, Collecting Test Data and Test Case Documentation.
• Familiar with all phases of Software Test Process.
• Expertise on Test Design Techniques (White Box, Black Box and Experienced Based Techniques)

III) Selenium Summary:

• Selenium Test Environment Setup
• Involvement in Automation Framework Design and Implementation
• Involvement in Automation infrastructure Development using Selenium WebDriver, Java and TestNG for Functional and Regression Testing.
• Development of Test Scripts/Test Cases using Element Locators, WebDriver Commands, Java programming features and TestNG Annotations.
• Cross Browser Testing, Data Driven Testing, Batch Testing, Database Testing and Parallel Test Execution.
• Regression Testing and Maintenance of Test Automation Resources.

IV) UFT / QTP Summary:

• Involvement in Automation framework Design and Implementation
• Involvement in Automation Infrastructure Development using UFT/QTP for Functional and Regression testing.
• Development of Test Scripts/Tests using Share Object Repositories and Descriptive Programming
• Development of User Defined Functions and Creating Library Files.
• Development of Test Scripts and Wrote SQL queries to validate the Back End Functionality.
• Enhancing Tests using QTP tool features (Synchronization, Parameterization, Environment variables etc.) and VB Script flow control statements.
• Defect Reporting and Tracking using Quality Center/ALM.

V) Computer Programming:

• Writing Comments
• Modifiers (Access and Non Access)
• Data Types (Characters, Integers, Double, Strings, Boolean....)
• Variables
• Constants
• Operators (Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical....)
• Flow Control
Conditional Statements
Loop Statements
• String Handling
• Arrays
• Input and Output Operations
• File Handling (Folders, Flat Files, Excel Files...)
• Working with Databases
• Predefined Functions/Methods
• User defined Methods/Functions
• Regular Expressions
• Exception Handling
• Object Oriented Programming

VI) Database Technology:

• Creating New Databases
•  Creating New Tables in a database
•  Inserting Records in a database
•  Updating Records in a database
•  Deleting Records from a database
•  Retrieving Data from a database
•  Executing Queries against a database
•  Set Permissions on Tables, Procedures, and Views
•  Creating Stored Procedures in a database
•  Creating Views in a database


VII) Domain Knowledge:

Banking (Core Banking Operations, ATM Banking, Internet Banking ...)
Insurance (Policy Management, Risk Management, Claims Processing...)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning - Human Resources Management, Customer Relation Management, Sales and Distribution, Marketing...)
Ecommerce (Business to Business, Business to Customers, Customers to Customers...)
Healthcare (Hospitals Management, Claims Processing etc...)
Mobile (Native applications, Web apps, and Hybrid Applications)


Hi GC Reddy Sir,

I have a query regarding PUTTY, as i am facing PUTTY issue while batch/Schedule execution is going on, Script is executing only first 2 lines of code and then PUTTY is not responding..Could you suggest how to it get executed while batch/Schedule script.

THE ONLY ONE SUPER COMPUTER TRAINER IN PLANET EARTH..if he is working in field he should be QA head of google/microsoft/apple..I dont know how a human can accrue this much knowledge..his powerful energy in 2 hr video is exciting..and he remember what students asked and try to answer it before ending that session..he explains even the minute details..YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO TESTERS...THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEOS..YOU ARE A IT TRAINER GOD..

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