Manual Testing Step by Step Tutorial

Software Testing Videos (Manual, Selenium, UFT, SQL, and Java)

Software Testing Step by Step Tutorial

1) Overview of Computer Software
(Types of Computer and Mobile Software, Software Environments, Web Applications or Web Apps, Mobile Software Applications. System Software, Programming Software and Application Software.)

2) Overview of Software Testing
(Overview of Software Development Life Cycle Models, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, Software Test process, Test Planning, Test Design, Test execution, Defect Reporting & Tracking, and Test Closure.)

3) Software Development Life Cycle
(Requirements Gathering, Analysis & Planning, Software Design, Software Coding, Software Testing, and Release & Maintenance)Software Testing
4) Software Development Life Cycle Models

i) Waterfall Model

ii) V Model

iii) Agile Models

iv) Spiral Model

v) Prototype Model

5) Software Test Levels
(Unit / Component / Program Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Component Integration Testing, System Integration Testing, and Acceptance Testing.)

6) Software Test Types
(Functional and Non Functional Testing, Functionality Testing, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Configuration Testing, Reliability Testing, Recovery Testing, Localization and Internationalization Testing.)

7) Software Test Design Techniques
(Static & Dynamic Test Design Techniques, Black box & White box Test Design Techniques, Equalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, State Transition Testing, and Use Case Testing.)

8) Software Test Process
(Software Test Life Cycle or Software Test Process, Software Test Planning, Software Test design (Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data), Software Test Execution, Defect Reporting & Tracking, and Software Test Closure.)

i) Test Planning

ii) Test Case Development

iii) Test Execution & Reporting

iv) Test Closure

9) Software Test Documentation Templates

10) Software Test Documents
(Software Test Requirements, Software Test Policy, Test Strategy, Test Plan, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Test Case, Test Data, Defect Report, Test Summary Report.)

11) Software Testing Interview Questions
(Interview Questions on Software Development Life Cycle, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, Software Test Planning, Test Case Writing, Test Data Collection, Defect Reporting & Tracking, Test Closure Activities.)

12) Software Testing Resumes

(Software Testing Resume, Manual Testing Resume, Selenium Resume, UFT Resume, LoadRunner Resume, Testing Fresher CV, Database Testing Resume, Mobile Testing Resume, Security Tester Resume, and Other Information Technology Resumes.)

13) Software Testing Job Roles and Responsibilities

(Software Tester Job Responsibilities, Test Lead Job Responsibilities, Selenium Automation Tester Job Responsibilities, UFT / QTP Automation Tester Job Responsibilities, Performance Tester Job Responsibilities, and Database tester Job Responsibilities.)
Software Testing Checklist

1) Software Development Life Cycle
i) Requirements Gathering
ii) Analysis & Planning
iii) Software Design (High Level & Low Level)
iv) Coding or Implementation
v) Testing
vi) Release & Maintenance

2) Software Test Levels
i) Unit Testing
ii) Integration Testing
iii) System Testing
iv) Acceptance Testing

3) Software Test Types
i) Functional Testing
ii) Non-functional Testing
iii) Structural Testing
iv) Change related Testing

4) Software Test Design Techniques
i) Static Test Design Techniques
ii) Dynamic Test Design Techniques

5) Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle
i) Test Planning
ii) Test Design
iii) Test Execution
iv) Test Closure

6) Software Test Documents
i) Test Policy
ii) Test Strategy
iii) Test Plan
iv) Test Case
v) Requirements Traceability Matrix
vi) Test Data
vii) Defect Report
viii) Test Summary Report
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