Software Testing Job Responsibilities

Software Testing Tutorial
Software Testing Job Responsibilities

Testing Computer Software and / Or Mobile Software is called Software Testing.

Software Testing can be done in 2 ways, 1) Manual Testing, 2) Automated Testing or Test Automation.

Manual Testing: Testing Software Manually without using ant Tool or Program or Script.

Test Automation: Testing Software using any Software / Tool or Test Script.

Note 1: Some Times of Testing is impractical in Manual Testing, Ex: Performance Testing. Using Automated Testing or Test Automation only we can conduct Performance Testing.

Note 2: Some Times of Testing is impractical using Automated Testing, Ex: Usability Testing, Human users only can judge look and feel aspects, Test Tools can't judge look and feel of Software.
Software (Computer / Mobile) Testing Important Tasks / Responsibilities

1) Understand the AUT (Application Under Test)

(Operating Environment of the Software Application, Application Environment (Front-End, Back-End etc...), Networking Concepts, Coexisting of the Software with Other Software, and Data Processing & Management).

2) Understanding Test Requirements

(Understand and Analyze the Application Under Test, Understand Testable Requirements, Plan for System testing, Derive Test Scenarios, Document Smoke Test Cases, Document Comprehensive Test Cases etc...)

3) Derive Test Scenarios / Out lines.

Generally We derive Test Scenarios (Positive & Negative Scenarios) from Test Requirements, 

4) Document Smoke Test Cases for all important Modules of the Application.

We have some levels of Test execution, Ex: Smoke Testing, Comprehensive Testing, Regression Testing, and
Final Regression.

5) Document Comprehensive Test Cases for all Important Modules.

Level of Test Execution, Executing all possible test Cases after accepting the software build/smoke testing.

6) Collect Test Data for Required Test Cases.

Test Data is not required for all Test cases, for some Test Cases only, Ex: Login Functionality...

7) Create Test Batches.

Test batch / Test set / Test Suite - Series of Test Cases, form Test Batches before the Test Execution.

8) Execute Test Cases

Execute Smoke Test Cases, after accepting the software build, Comprehensive Testing, Defect Reporting & Defect Tracking, Sanity Testing, Re & Regression Testing, Final Regression Testing...

9) Defect Reporting and Defect Tracking.

While comprehensive Testing, Reporting Defects through Companies Defect Management System, and Tracking for Changes.

10) Organize and Maintain Software Testing Resources.

After Complication of Testing, Maintain all Software Testing Resources, use testing resources while Software Maintenance.
11) Other Tasks / Responsibilities:

1) Feasible Study

2) Risk Analysis

3) Test Estimations

4) Guidance

5) Test Monitoring

6) Test Control
12) Important Job Roles:

1) Test Manager / Test Lead / Team Lead

2) Tester / Test Engineer

3) Technical Support

4) Business Analyst

5) Developer

6) SME (Subject Mater Expert)

7) Project Manager
13) Important Test Documents

1) Test Strategy

2) Test Plan

3) Test Scenario

4) Test Case

5) Defect Report

6) Test Metrics 

7) Test Summary Report



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