Selenium Latest Videos

Selenium Latest Videos (80 Hours)

I) Selenium Fundamentals / Basics (10 Hours)
II) Java Standard Edition for Selenium (25 Hours)
III) Selenium WebDriver Tutorials (25 Hours)
IV) TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium (8 Hours)
V) Selenium IDE Tutorial (2 Hours)
VI) Selenium Live Project (10 Hours)
I) Selenium Fundamentals / Basics (10 Hours)

1) Introduction to Selenium Part-1

(Overview of Selenium, What is Selenium?, History of the Selenium Project, Selenium Components or Selenium's Tool Suite - Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.)

2)  Introduction to Selenium Part-2

(Overview of Selenium, Platforms supported by Selenium, Selenium License, Testing Frameworks & Other Tools used in Selenium, Advantages of Selenium, and Disadvantages of Selenium.)

3)  Introduction to Selenium Part-3

(Overview of Selenium, Selenium Vs. Unified Functional Testing / Quick Test Professional, Selenium Environment Setup - Chose Selenium Tools, Download Selenium Tools, Install Java, Extract Eclipse, Add Selenium Java Language bindings to Java Project, and Download & Install TestNG Testing Framework.)

4) Software Test Life Cycle / Test Process

(Software Test Life Cycle or Software Test Process, Software Test Planning, Test Design, Implementation & Execution, Evaluating Exit Criteria & Test Closure. Writing Test Plan, Test Cases, collecting Test Data, Defect Reporting, and creating Test Summary Report.)

5) Selenium Test Life Cycle / Test Process

(Selenium Test Life Cycle or Selenium Test Process, Selenium Test Planning, Generate Basic Tests, Enhance Test Cases, Running & Debugging Test Cases, Analyzing Test Results & Reporting Defects.)

II) Java Standard Edition for Selenium (34 Hours)

6) Overview of Java / Java for Selenium

(Java Standard Edition or Core Java, What is Java, Features of Java, Why Java for Selenium, Comments in Java, Java Data Types, Variables, Operators, Java Flow Control, Exception Handling, and Java Object Oriented Programming.)

7) Overview of Java Language Part-2

(Java Standard Edition or Core Java, What is Java, Features of Java, Why Java for Selenium, Comments in Java, Java Data Types, Variables, Operators, Java Flow Control, Exception Handling, and Java Object Oriented Programming.)

8) Java Environment Setup and Verify

(Java programming for Selenium, Java Environment Setup and Verify, Purpose of Java, Uses of Java, Java Syntax, and Write & Execute Java Programs. Download Java Software & Install, Download Eclipse IDE Software & extract, Set Environment variable path, Configure Eclipse IDE, and Write Java programs in Eclipse editor & Execute.)

9) Java Program Structure with an Example 

(Java Programming for Selenium, Java Programming Structure with an Example, Divisions of Java Program, Documentation in Java, Package Declaration in Java program, Class Declaration, Import Statement, main method in Java Programs, Declaring variables & Constants in Java, Writing conditional and Loop Statements in Java, and Declare methods & Call Methods in Java Programs.)

10) Java Comments, Data Types, and Modifiers

(Java for Selenium, Java Language Elements, Comments in Java, Purpose of Comments, Comments Syntax in Java, and Usage of Comments in Selenium Test Automation. Java Access and Non-Access Modifiers for using Variables, Constants, Methods, and Classes. Java Primitive and Non-Primitive Data Types, and Usage of Data Types for Declaring Variables, Constants, and Methods with returning values.)

11) Java Variables, and Operators

(Java for Selenium, Java Variables Declaration, Assign values to Variables, Java variable naming restrictions, and Types of Java Variables. Java Operators, Java Arithmetic Operators, Java Relational or Comparison Operators, Java Assignment Operators, and Java Logical Operators.)

12) Java Control Flow Statements

(Java for Selenium, Java Control Flow Statements, Java Decision Making Statements, Java Looping Statements, and Java Branching Statements. Types of Conditional statements in Java, Types of conditions, and usage of conditional Statements in Java. Java for loop, while loop, do while loop, and enhanced for loop.)

13) Java Control Flow Statements Part-2, String Handling.

(Java Control Flow Statements Part-2, String Handling, Java Looping Statements, do while loop and Java Enhanced for loop. Java Branching Statements, break statement, continue statement, and return statement. String handling in Java, What is String?, Creating Strings, and String Operations in Java (String Concatenation, String Comparison, and Fine String Length).)

14) Arrays in Java, Java ArrayList

(Java for Selenium, Arrays in Java Programming, Create Arrays, Assign Values to Java Arrays, Copy Array, Find Size of Array, Print all Array Elements using for loop, print all elements an Array using Enhanced for loop, Create Two Dimensional Arrays, and Advantages & Disadvantages of Arrays.)

15) Java IO Operations, File Handling

(Java Input and Output Operations, and File Handling in Java, Java for Selenium, Reading input in Java using Input Devices like Keyboard and Mouse, Handling computer Files in Java using File Class, and Output Operations in Java using System Class. Reading and Validating Input data in Java Programming.)

16) Java File Handling Part-2, Exception Handling

(Java Programming for Selenium, Read a text file, write data to a text file, read & write data, and create & delete folders. Exception Handling in Java, Arithmetic Exception, Null Pointer Exception, Number Format Exception, and Array out of bounds Exception. Java global & Local exceptions, and manual & Auto exceptions.)

17) Java Methods - User Defined Methods

(Java Programming for Selenium, Java Methods, Java User Defined Methods, Writing Methods (with return value), Perform operation/s and return value (Non-static method), Perform operation/s and return value (Static Method), and Writing Methods (without return value). Writing Java Methods, and Calling Java Methods.)

18) Java User Defined Methods Practicals

(Creating and Calling Java methods, Java Static and Non - static Methods, and usage of Java methods. Calling Java Methods from another methods, methods with rerun value & methods without return value, and Calling Methods by invoking object & calling methods without object.)

19) Java Predefined Methods

(Java Predefined Methods for Selenium, Java String Methods, Java Number Methods, Java Charter Methods, and Java Array Methods. Java Programming for Functional Testing with Selenium, Comparing Strings, Concatenating Strings, Finding String Length, and Finding Sub String etc... Comparing Numbers, Comparing Characters, find Array Length, and print an Array.)

20) Java Methods-2, Java ArrayList

(Java Predefined Methods for Selenium, Java Character Methods, and Java Array Methods. ArrayList in Java, Dynamic Data Structure in Java, Create Java Array List, Add Elements to Java ArrayList, and Remove Elements from Java ArrayList. Create Object in Java and store Java ArrayList Element.)

21) Java Inheritance

(Java programming for Selenium, Java Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals, Java Inheritance, Java Polymorphism, Java Abstraction, and Java Encapsulation. Creating Static and Non Static methods in Java, Reusing Java Class members without Inheritance and With Inheritance. Reusing Java Class members from one Class to another, one package to another, and one project to another.)

22) Java Polymorphism and Abstraction

(Java programming for Selenium, Java Object Oriented Concepts - Inheritance, PolyMorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.  Compile Time Polymorphism or Method OverLoading, Run Time Polymorphism / Method Overriding, Create Java Abstract Classes, and Reuse Methods of Java Abstract Classes. Create Java Interfaces, and Reuse Java Interfaces using "implements" keyword.)

III) Selenium WebDriver Tutorials (27 Hours)

23) Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

(Introduction to Selenium WebDriver, Selenium WebDriver Environment Set, and Write first Selenium Test Case & Execute. Versions of Selenium, Selenium 1.0, Selenium 2.0, Selenium 3.0 (Sep 2016), Selenium WebDriver Features, and Selenium WebDriver Drawbacks)

24) Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup

(Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup, Verify the Environment, and write first Selenium Test Case & Execute. Features of Selenium WebDriver, Drawbacks of Selenium WebDriver, Test Automation Frameworks, and Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver. Download Selenium WebDriver Java Language binding and add to Java project in Eclipse IDE, Write Selenium WebDriver Test Cases using Element Locators and WebDriver API Commands)

25) Write first Selenium Test Case and Execute

(Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup and Write first Selenium Test Case & Execute. Writing selenium WebDriver Test Case using Element Locators, Selenium WebDriver API Commands, and Java Programming Logic. Derive manual Test Cases from Test Requirements then Automate those Test cases using Selenium WebDriver, and Java Programming)

26) Web Elements and Operations on Web Elements

(Selenium WebDriver Fundamentals and Features, Web Elements , Operations on Web Elements, Operations on Browser, Operations on Page, Operations Link, Operations Edit Box, Operations Image, Operations Check Box, Operations Radio Button, Operations Web Table or HTML Table, and Operations Frame)

27) Element Locators in Selenium

(Element Locators in Selenium, Selenium supports 8 element locators to identify elements in web pages, id, name, className, tagName, linkText, partialLinkText, cssSelecor, and xpath. Inspecting Elements in Selenium using various Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE Etc...)

28) Selenium WebDriver Commands and Operations

(Selenium WebDriver Commands Or Methods to write Selenium Test Cases, Selenium WebDriver Browser Commands, Browser Navigation Commands, WebDriver commands on general Web Elements, and Selenium WebDriver verification commands. Selenium Webdriver get(), getCurrentUrl(), getTitle(), findElement, sendKeys, clear(), click, isDisplayed(), isEnabled(), and isselected Commands.)

29) Elements Handling in Selenium Part-1

(Selenium WebDriver Verification Commands or Methods, isDisplayed(), isEnabled() and isSelected(). Elements Handling in Selenium, Prerequistes to write Test cases, Element locators in Eelenium, Web Elements & important Operations on the Web Elements. Handling Browser in selenium, Handling Edit box and Other Elements. Major Challenges in Functional Test Automation, Element Identification, and Environmental Issues.)

30) Elements Handling in Selenium Part-2

(Handling Elements in Selenium, Element Locators in Selenium, Inspecting Elements using Page Inspector and Firebug plug in Mozilla Firefox Browser, Developer Tools in Google Chrome and IE Browsers, Web Elements and Operations on Web Elements, Handling Browser, Handling edit Box, Handling Text Area, Handling Error message, and Handling Popup Window. Handling Links and Buttons in selenium.)

31) Elements Handling in Selenium Part-3

(Handling Elements in Selenium WebDriver, Element Locators in Selenium, Selenium WebDriver Commands, Web Elements, and Operations on the Web Elements. Handling Radio Button, Handling Check Box, Handling Drop Down Box, Handling Image, Handling Image Link, and Handling Image Button. Writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases or Test Steps using Element Locators and Selenium WebDriver Commands.)

32) Elements Handling in Selenium Part-4

(Handling Elements in Selenium, Web Elements, Operations on web elements, Element Locators in Selenium, Selenium WebDriver API Commands, and Writing Selenium Test Steps. Handling Web Table or HTML Table, Handling Web Frames, and Handling iFrames. Working with duplicate Elements in Selenium, and working with xpath & cssSelector.)

33) Writing Selenium Test Cases

(Writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases using Element Locator, WebDriver API Commands, Java Programming, and TestNG Testing Annotations. Writing Test Steps, identifying verification points, collecting Test Data, and preparing Expected Result for Positive & Negative Test Cases. Automating Manual Test Cases using Selenium, Java, and TestNG Testing Framework.)

34) Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2

35) Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-3

IV) TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium (8 Hours)

V) Selenium IDE Tutorial (2 Hours)

VI) Selenium Live Project (10 Hours)

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