Software Testing Career

Software Testing Career

If you want take Software Testing as a career then familiar with the below concepts.

1) Academic Qualification
2) Software Testing Skills
3) Operating System Knowledge
4) Documentation Knowledge
5) SQL / Database Knowledge
6) Programming Knowledge
7) Software Testing Certifications
8) Domain Knowledge
9) Communication, Presentation Skills
10) Technical Expertise
11) Test Automation / Automated Testing
12) Defect Management, Test management
1) Academic Qualification

> MS, MTech/ME (Computers, or others...)
> BE/BTech (CSE, IT...), MCA, Msc (Computers), BCA, Bsc (Computers) etc...
> BE/BTech (ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Civil ete...), MSc (Mathes...), Mcom, BSc, etc...

Note: Nowadays Academic Qualification is very important in this competitive market... 
2) Software Testing Skills

  (Computer and Mobile Software) 
i) Software Development Life Cycle and SDLC Models
ii) Software Test Levels
iii) Software Test Types
iv) Software Test Life Cycle/Software Test process
a) Test Planning
b) Test Design, Test Design Techniques
c) Test Execution
d) Test Closure

v) Software Quality Standards
i) ISO
ii) IEEE
iii) CMM/CMMI...
3) Operating System Knowledge

i) MS Windows (Client side - Windows 7, 8, 10.0, Server side -Windows 2008 Server)

ii) UNIX/Linux/Solaris...

Note: In order to operate the Computer then we must have Operating System
knowledge, MS Windows is easy and user friendly bur UNIX is some difficult than
Windows OS, suppose our AUT (Application Under Test) deployed on UNIX then
we need operate the UNIX system while Testing the Application, so Operating
Systems knowledge is essential for Software Testing...
4) Documentation Knowledge

i) MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel...)

ii) Open Office, Star Office....
Note: If you are following Manual Testing then you can use MS Office like software for documentation,
or if you follow Automated Testing/Test Automation you can use Test Tools for Documentation.

Note: In Manual Testing we use MS Excel, MS Word like documentation software in order to write Test Cases, Defect Reports etc...
5) SQL / Database Knowledge

i) Nowadays Database Testing is mandatory for Enterprise Applications
ii) We can conduct Database Testing using SQL Commands
iii) Database Testing can be done in two ways
a) Manual Testing
b) Automated Testing

For Practicing SQL: Download any Database Engine, and Install.
* MS SQL Server Express Edition

i) Data Definition Language
ii) Data Manipulation Language
iii) Data Control Language

SQL is for:
i) Database Developers
ii) Database Testers
iii) Database Administrators

Note: SQL Knowledge is required for Database Testing (both Manual Testing or Automated Testing), using SQL Statements/Queries we conduct Database operations...
6) Programming Knowledge

i) Comments
ii) Data Types
iii) Modifiers
iv) Variables
v) Operators
vi) Control Flow
a) Conditional
b) Loop
c) Branching
vii) Strings
viii) Arrays, ArrayList
ix) Functions (Built-in and User Defined) / Methods (Built-in and User Defined)
x) Exception Handling
i) Object, class, Package, and Project
ii) Inheritance
iii) Polymorphism
iv) Abstraction, Interfaces...
v) encapsulation etc...

Note: We use Programming in Test Automation or Automated Testing using any Test Tool like Selenium or UFT/QTP etc..., so Programming knowledge is mandatory for Automated Testing...
7) Software Testing Certifications

i) Vendor-Neutral Certifications

ii) Vendor Certifications

Note: Nowadays companies are giving priority to Software Testing Certifications while requirement. Focus on at least one Vendor neutral / Manual Testing Certification either ISTQB or CSTE or CSQE etc... and at least one Test Tool/Vendor Certification, ex: HP-UFT...
8) Domain Knowledge

i) BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)
ii) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
iii) Telecome
iv) Healthcare
v) Ecommerece
vi) Logistics....
viii) Retail Market
Software Testing Tutorials
Note: Manual Testing, Test Automation using either Selenium or UFT/QTP, SQL for Database Testing, Performance Test Automation using either LoadRunner or JMeter, and Test Management using either ALM/QC or Jira are the important skills for better Software Testing Career.


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