Future of Indian IT Industry

Future of Indian IT Industry

Now (2017), IT Industry is facing so many problems,

1) Donald Trump Effect (Visa and Hiring Restrictions) and Apart from US, other 
developed countries like UK, Australia and Singapore Visa Restrictions...

2) Automation - Automation in all areas in the Information Technology...

Note: India IT Exports nearly 60% to US...

Now we have nearly 3900000 Employs in this IT Industry in India and It is one of the Biggest Industry in terms of Man Power as well as revenue...

Every Year IT Companies terminate some of their employs based on performance, this year also like that only but Layoffs more than previous years. 

Now Some IT Companies are planning to layoff Middle-level employees (8 to 10 Years Exp), but not planning to stop Fresher requirement.

Problem is there but Media focusing more on this issues, now slowly IT Companies dropping their ideas or postponing for some time, anyhow as Software professionals we need to update our skills and I think, no need to worry about the Career.

Some people are saying that Software Testing Will die and Test Automation will 
increase, OK but Test Automation also part of Software Testing. Manual Testing 
process knowledge is required for Test Automation.

We can't expect Software Development without Software Testing, Testing improves the Quality and nowadays every customer asks for Quality Product, so Software Testing won't die and It is mandatory in Software Development.
Software Testing
Important Factors to get IT Job:

1) Academic Qualification

2) Software Subjects Knowledge (Ex: Java or .NET or Software Testing or SAP Etc...)

3) Software Certifications

4) Communication Skills and Presentation Skills

5) Knowledge on New Technologies and Industry Updates Etc...


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