Software Testing Career Guidance

Software Testing Career Guidance

    1) Common Interview Questions and Answers

    (Common Interview Questions and Answers for professions like Information Technology, Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Automobile Industries. General and HR Interview Questions for Software Professionals.)

    2) Donald Trump Effect - Be careful about IT Career

    (Indian Information Technology Field/area is the largest Private Industry in India, It has nearly 37 Lakh / 3.7 Million Employees, and this sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012, According to NASSCOM)

    3) Future of Indian IT Industry

    (Future of Indian IT Industry

    Now (2017), IT Industry is facing so many problems,
    i) Donald Trump Effect (Visa and Hiring Restrictions) and Apart from US, other developed countries like UK, Australia and Singapore Visa Restrictions...
    ii) Automation - Automation in all areas in the Information Technology...
    Note: India IT Exports nearly 60% to US...)

    4) is Manual Testing Dying?

    (Manual Testing will never dead, but slowly Manual Testing importance may be reduced Manual Testing or Automation Testing that depends on Type of software, Type of Testing, and Production Environment etc...

    Software Testing can be done in 2 ways,
    i. Manual Testing
    ii. Test Automation or Automated Testing)

    5) Will Indian IT recover Soon?

    (Some People are saying that it will recover soon and it is not the first Crisis in IT, we have seen 2 or 3 crises so far, OK, but it is Big crisis than previous crises...)

    6) What are the prerequisites to learn Selenium?

    (i) manual Testing

    ii) Programming Fundamentals
    iii) HTML Concepts
    iv) Database Fundamentals)

    7) Is Programming needed for Software Testing?

    (Software Testing can be done in 2 ways,

    i. Manual Testing
    ii. Automated Testing or Test Automation
    Note: For Manual Testing no Programming knowledge is required but for Automated Testing Programming knowledge is required.)

    8) What are the Challenges in Selenium Test Automation?

    (Challenges in Software Test Automation using Selenium, Framework Implementation in selenium, Handling Dynamic Elements using Selenium, and Real Time Technical issues of Selenium.) 


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