What are the prerequisites to learn Selenium?

What are the prerequisites to learn Selenium?

Selenium is a Testing Framework / Tool for Test Automation, Selenium is mainly
used for Functional and Regression Testing....

Selenium supports various Programming Languages like Java, C#.NET, Python, Perl, Ruby, and PHP, we can use anyone of those languages to write Test Scripts...

Selenium supports Database Testing, Using SQL commands we can conduct Database Testing...

Selenium supports Web applications only It doesn't support desktop applications, so we need to familiar with Web Environment....

Prerequisites to learn Selenium are,

1) Manual Testing 

Software Development Life Cycle
SDLC Models
Software Test Levels
Software Test Types
Software Test Process or Software Test Life Cycle
Test Planning
Test Design Techniques, and Test Design
Test Execution
Test Closure

2) Programming Fundamentals

Data Types
Control Flow
Conditional Statements
Loop Statements
Branching Statements
Array, ArrayList
Predefined methods
User defined methods
String Handling
IO Operations, and File Handling
Exception Handling
Object oriented programming

3) HTML Concepts…

HTML Elements and Operations on Elements
Page, Edit Box, Text Area, Button, Link, Drop down box,
List box, Combo box, Check box, Radio button, Web table,
Frame etc... 

4) Database Fundamentals

Connecting to Databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL etc..)
Fetch specific data using SQL Commands then compare data with expected
Selenium Tutorials


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