Banking Project for Software Testers

Banking Project for Software Testers

1) Introduction to Banking Software

Banking is an important Domain/Area in Software Development,

Domains/Areas in Software development are,

i) BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance)
ii) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
iii) Telecom
iv) Healthcare
v) Retail Market
vi) Logistics
vii) Ecommerce
viii) Games etc...

In Baking we have several business operations that require different types of 
Software Applications,

Important Banking Software Applications are,

i) Core Banking System 
ii) ATM Banking
iii) Internet Banking System (Online Banking)
iv) Mobile Banking System
v) Forex Management
vi) Treasury Management System (Treasury Management for Banks)
vii) Asset Liability Management System
viii)  Financial Management System

Internet Banking System...

Internet Banking System integrates the various levels of interactions between the bank and its customers and provides the customers of the bank with the necessary interface to avail banking services on Net.

Internet banking helps the customer of a bank to access his account from anywhere in the world. It helps the bank to handles the customer requests more efficiently and effectively and saves lot of time for the customer as he can get the information without going to the bank.

It has 3 important layers,
i) Admin interface for managing the Application
ii) User Interface for specified Business Operations
iii) Database Interface to communicate with Banking Database...

This Internet Banking System / Internet Banking Software developed using Java Technology, and database is Oracle.

Development & Testing Environment: Intranet
Production Environment: Internet (Public Web Application)

And It is N-Tier Application/Distributed Application, I communicates with Core banking Application, ATM Banking Application, Credit Card Management Application and Other applications in production.

Important Modules:

i) Admin
(Managing the Application, Add/Edit/Delete Master Data, User Management & Services Management)

ii) Information
(About the Bank, Banking Products like Term Deposits, and Loans  Information, and Other bank Information for Guest users and Account Holders.)

iii) Personal Banking
(Bill Payments, Money Transfer, Prepaid Recharge, Credit Card Payment, Apply for Loans etc.. For individual persons)

iv) Corporate Banking
(Banking services for Companies or Corporate users.

v) Business
(Business Services other than banking for Bank Account Holders...)

Important Functional Features in Personal Banking:

• Login to the Application
• Balance Enquiry
• Open Deposits
• Apply for Loans
• Apply Credit Card
• Pay Credit Card bill
• Bill Payments
• Add Payee/Edit Payee/Delete Payee
• Manage Payees
• Manage Billers
• Transfer of funds from one account to another
• Scheduled Transaction
• Transaction Status
• Recharge (DTH, Mobile, Data card)
• Statement of Account
• Receive Funds
• Stop Cheque Requests
• Cheque Book Requests
• Reporting of loss of ATM cards
• Previous transaction report
• Cheque payment status
• Stop Payment status
• Interest rate for various deposit schemes and loan schemes
• Product features of various bank products


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