Software Testing Practical

Software Testing Tutorials
Software Testing Practical

1) Writing a Sample Test Case 

(Writing a Manual  Sample Test Case for Gmail Login Functionality, Software Testing Tasks, What is Test Case?, Test Case Template, Write a Sample Test Case, Execute the Test Case, Writing a Test Case in a Test Tool like ALM and Jira, and Automating Test Management Tasks).

2) Automating a Manual Test Case

(Automating a Manual Test Case, Create a Manual Test Case, Automate the Manual Test Case using Selenium WebDriver and Java Programming, and Provide Exception Handling for Selenium WebDriver Test Case. Execute the Selenium WebDriver Test case using Google Chrome Browser.)

(Software Testing  without Requirements, Explore the Application, Use Previous Experience, Communicate with Developers (If Required), Communicate with customer (If Required), and Then Create and Execute Test Cases.... 
Derive Test Scenarios by exploring the Application if we have no documented requirements, Document Test Cases, Collect Test Data, and Execute Test Cases.)

(Derive Positive & Negative Test Scenarios from Test Requirements, Document Positive and Negative Test Cases using Software Test Design Techniques like Equivalence Partitioning, and Boundary Value Analysis. Conduct Positive and Negative Testing. Executing Positive and Negative Test Cases Manually, and using Automated Test Tools like Selenium (Data Driven Testing)).

(Introduction to Banking Software Project, Various Domains in Software Development, Types of Banking Software Applications, Internet Banking System Project Description, Internet Banking System Environment Details, Modules in Internet Banking Software, Important Functional Features in Internet banking System, Derive Test Scenarios, and Document Test cases.)


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