Is Selenium IDE Dying?

Is Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Dying?

Yes, According to Selenium official website, Selenium News, "from Mozilla Firefox 55 version on wards, Selenium IDE will no longer work", 

Observe this URL:
Selenium News from

And we have 4 Tools in Selenium Suite,

1) Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
2) Selenium RC (Remote Control)
3) Selenium WebDriver
4) Selenium Grid
Selenium IDE Tutorial
Selenium RC already outdated, Now Selenium IDE is Dying, so two Tools are only remaining in the Selenium's Tool Suite, 

1) Selenium WebDriver
2) Selenium Grid,

Selenium Grid doesn't support Test Design and Development, it is only for Test
execution, for example Selenium WebDriver supports both Test Design and Execution,

Then why Selenium Grid, It is for Parallel Testing of Selenium WebDriver Test Cases,

Using multiple machines/computers we can distribute the Test cases execution and save the execution time.

Now Selenium WebDriver is only supports for Writing & Executing Test Cases, and Supports various Operating Environments, Various Browsers, and various programming Platforms for Conducting Automated Testing,

So, Focus on Selenium WebDriver and It doesn't have IDE (No Recording etc...features), having only Programming Interface for Writing & Executing of Test Cases.
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