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You can ask questions and share your knowledge on,

1) Automated Testing Fundamentals
2) Fundamentals of Selenium's Tools Suite
3) Java For Selenium (Java Standard Edition or Core Java)
4) Writing selenium Webdriver Test Cases
5) Cross Browser Testing using Selenium
6) Data Driven Testing using Selenium
7) Database Testing using Selenium
8) TestNG testing Framework
9) Selenium Real Time Issues
10) Resume Preparation and Experience Related.
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How can we identify Synchronization Problem in Selenium?

I need code for drag and drop for price option in flipkart site when we select any category

What is mean by Selanium with database testing ?

How do i get back my projects in eclipse/ seems i lost them / not visible? please. Thanks.

We can conduct Database testing in two ways,
1) Manual Testing (Testing the Application database manually)

2) Automated Testing (Testing the Application Database using any Test Tool like UFT or Selenium...)

We can conduct database testing using selenium with the support of programming (either Java or other supported programming). Connect to database and using SQL commands write & execute database test scripts.

Responsive test in selenium possible or not

What is the difference between driver.get() and driver.navigate().to()?

What are the testing can conduct in automation testing?

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