Static and Dynamic Testing

Static and Dynamic Testing

Static Testing and Dynamic Testing, these are come under the Software Testing...
Software Testing Tutorial
What is Software Testing?

> Software Testing is a process of executing a program or application with the 
  intent of finding the Defects.

Process:  Testing is a process rather than a single activity.
> It can also be stated as the Verification and Validation of Software Application
  with respect to its requirements...

Verification: Verifying weather the Software is correctly implementing or not?

Validation: Validating weather the Software is correctly working or not?
> Verification is done at the starting of the development process. It is also 
called as Static Testing. 

> Static Testing can be done without executing the Software, It includes 
Informal reviews, Technical reviews, walk-throughs, and inspections, etc. to 
evaluate the documents like requirements, design docs, code, plans etc...

> And Static Testing can be conducted using Manual reviews and static analysis or Automated Analysis like Static Test techniques by developers...
> Validation is done at the end of the development process and takes place after Verification is completed.

> It also called as Dynamic Testing, Dynamic Testing can be conducted by executing the Software using Black box and White box Test Design Techniques, and It can be conducted in different levels of Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing,  and System Testing using Manual Testing and Automated Testing.

> And Dynamic Testing can be done by using White box and Black box test techniques  by Developers and Testers (Indipendent Testers)

Fimnal Verification/Static Testing is focues on Defect Prevention, and Validation
or Dynamic Testing is focuses on Defect Detection.
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