Sentences in English Language

Sentences in English Language

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1) What is a Sentence in English Language?

> Sentence is a group of words which makes complete sense and has a subject and predicate of its own is called a sentence.


Rama killed Ravana

Subject: When we talk or speak, we usually mention a person or thing, The Person or Thing that we mention is called the Subject of the Sentence.


Radha stolen Money
Little Jack Harner sat in a corner.

Predicate: The things we speak about the Subject is called Predicate of the 
Raju went to the Park
Sunitha and Raju are married. 
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2) Types of Sentences in English

There are Four Types of Sentences in English...

i) Assertive Sentences
ii) Interrogative Sentences
iii) Imperative sentences
iv) Exclamatory Sentences
i) Assertive/Declarative Sentence:

A sentence which expresses a fact or an opinion is called an Assertive Sentence.


The Sun rises in the East. (Fact)
Climbing mountains can be dangerous (Opinion)
ii) Interrogative Sentence:

A Sentence which asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence


Are you coming to the School?
Why are you wasting my Time?
iii) Imperative Sentence:

A Sentence which makes a command or request is called an Imperative Sentence.


Raju, be out of my Class. (Command)
Sita, Can you give your Pen? (Request)
iv) Exclamatory Sentence:

A sentence which expresses sudden feelings such as surprise, fear and so on is an Exclamatory Sentence.


How beautiful the Sun rise is?
What a beautiful scenery it is!
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