Explicit Declaration of Variables

Java Data Types (Primitive and Non primitive / Reference), Java Variables (Local Variables, Instance Variables and Static or Class Variables), Explicit Declaration of Data Types & Variables, Purpose of Variables, Variable naming restrictions and Data Conversion.
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Gowtham Ramesh
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Explicit Declaration of Variables

Post by Gowtham Ramesh » Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:22 am

What is Explicit Declaration of Variables?

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Re: Explicit Declaration of Variables

Post by David » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:26 pm

Explicit declaration of variables means, First Declare variables before using them, Java supports explicit declaration of variables,

Note: VBScript supports Implicit declaration of variables.

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Re: Explicit Declaration of Variables

Post by bandav » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:15 am

you want to declare a variable, then you must adhere to some rules.
Variable names can only be 6 characters long and must begin with an alphabetical character.
In choosing variable names you can include numbers after the first alphabetical character, but don't begin a variable name with a number.
Keep in mind that Fortran will not distinguish between upper and lower case variables, so if in your code you define `REAL Tc,TC', then the compiler will complain that you have tried to declare the same variable twice! Standard Fortran will exclusively be in uppercase since in the past punchcards only allowed for the upper case.
The exact size that a real variable can depend on the specifics of the computer.

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