Modules Of QC

Install ALM & Configure, Create Requirements, Create Test Cases, Execute Test Cases and Report Defects. Map Requirements with Tests and Defects and Generate Test Reports.
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Modules Of QC

Post by AyubHussain » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:36 am

What are the modules of Quality Center?

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Re: Modules Of QC

Post by swathi » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:37 am

The Quality Center modules are:

• Management Module: This module includes following sub modules:
• Release module: Enable us to define release and cycles for the application management process.
• Libraries module: Enables us to define libraries to track changes in project, reuse entities in project, or share entities across multiple
• Requirement Module: Helps us to manage requirements. This includes defining what we are testing, defining requirement topics and
items, also analyzing requirements.
• Test Plan: Enable us to develop and manage test in a hierarchical tree-structure. Tests can be linked to requirement and defects.
• Test Resources: Enables us to manage test resources in a hierarchical tree structure. Tests resources can be associated with tests.
• Test lab: Enables us to run tests and analyze the results.
• Defect Module: Helps us to report defects, determine, repair priorities and reopen defects.
• Dashboard: Helps to create graphs, reports and excel reports.

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