Manual Testing

Manual Testing Step by Step Tutorials 

Software Development Life Cycle, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, and Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle. System Testing, Functional & Non-functional Testing, and Software Quality Standards. Software Test Planning, Software Test Design, Software Test Execution, Software Test Closure, and Maintenance Testing.

1) Manual Testing Lesson 1 – Introduction to Software Testing

(What is Software Testing? How to Conduct Software Testing? Static & Dynamic Testing, Software Testing Job Titles and Software Testing Job Responsibilities. Manual Testing Process, Manual Testing Job Responsibilities, Software Test Lead Job Role, Software Tester Job Role and Automated Tester Job Responsibilities.)

2) Manual Testing Lesson 2 – Overview of Manual Testing

(Introduction to Manual Testing, Phase of Software Development Life Cycle, Software Development Life Cycle Models, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Testing Life Cycle, Software Test Planning, Software Test Design & Test Design Techniques, Software Test Execution and Software Test Closure.)

3) Software Development Life Cycle or Software Development Process

(Phases of Software Development Life Cycle or Software Development Process, Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Release & Maintenance. Gathering Requirements & Analyze, Prepare Business Requirements Specification, Prepare Software Requirement Specification, High Level Design & Low Level Design based on SRS, Coding based on Software Design Document, Testing based on Requirements by QA & Testing Team and Deliver the Product, Deployment in Customer Environment and Software Maintenance.)

4) Software Test Levels in Software Development Process

(Software Test Levels, Unit or Component Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Acceptance Testing. Unit or Component or Module or Program Testing and Unit Testing is conducted on individual Software units by Developers using White Box Testing Method. Integration Testing, Component Integration Testing after Unit Testing, System Integration Testing after System Testing by Integration Testers. System Testing on complete and integrated system by Independent Testers using Black Box Testing Method. Acceptance Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Operational Acceptance Testing by End Users or Customer Representatives.)

Software Testing Life Cycle or Software Testing Process

(Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle or Software Testing Process, Requirement Analysis, Software Test Planning, Software Test Design, Software Test Execution and Software Test Closure. Software Test Planning activities in Software Testing Process, Risk Analysis, Test Estimations, Test Strategy Documentation, Test Team Formation and Test Plan Documentation. Software Test Design activities in Software Test Life Cycle, Derive Test Scenarios, Test Case Documentation, Test Scripts Preparation (if applicable) and Test Data Creation.)

Introduction to ISTQB Certifications

(Introduction to Software Testing Certifications, Vendor Certifications and Vendor-neutral certifications and Importance of Software Testing Certification. Introduction to ISTQB Certifications, Types of ISTQB Certifications, ISTQB Foundation level certification, ISTQB advanced level certification and ISTQB expert level certification.)

I) Introduction

II) Software Environment
I-Tier Application
II-Tier Application
III-Tier Application
N-Tier Application

III) SDLC Models
Software Development Life Cycle
Waterfall Model
V Model
Prototype Model
Spiral Model
Agile Model

Manual Testing Step by Step Tutorials

IV) Test Levels
Unit / Component Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Acceptance Testing

V) Test Types
VI) Test Design Techniques

White Box Testing
Black Box Testing
Experience Based Techniques

VII) Software Test Process (STLC)
a) Test Planning
b) Test Design
c) Test Execution
d) Test Closure

VIII) Test Documents
Software Test Documentation Templates
a) Test Policy
b) Test Strategy Document
c) Test Plan Document
d) Test Scenarios
e) Test Case Document
f) Defect Report
g) Test Metrics Document
h) Test Summary Report

IX) Informal Testing

X) Quality Standards
a) ISO

XI) Software Business Domains
a) Banking Domain
b) Insurance
c) ERP
d) Telecom
e) Healthcare
f) E-commerece
g) Retail Market
h) System Software

XII) Manual Testing Interview Questions

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