Manual Testing Training Videos

Software Testing Step by Step Tutorials

Manual Testing Step by Step Tutorials

These Manual Testing Training Videos provide the complete knowledge about Software Manual Testing, Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC Models like Waterfall Model, “V” Model, Spiral Model and Agile Model, Software Test Levels like Unit Testing, Integrate Testing, System Testing and Acceptance Testing, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques and Software Test Life Cycle.

Phases of  Software Test Life Cycle/Software Test Process, Software Test Planning, Software Test Design & Development, Software Test Execution and Software Test Closure.

1) Introduction to Software Testing

i) What is Software Testing?
ii) Conducting Software Testing
iii) Roles and Responsibilities of Software Testing
iv) Overview of Computer and Mobile Software
v) Types of Software Environment

2)  Overview of Manual Testing

i) Software Development Life Cycle
ii) SDLC Models
iii) Software Test Levels
iv) Software Test Types
v) Software Test Design Techniques
vi) Software Test Life Cycle
vii) Software Test Documents
viii) Informal Testing
ix) Software Testing Standards

3) Software Development Life Cycle

i) Requirements Gathering
ii) Analysis & Planning
iii) Software Design
iv) Implementation / Coding
v) Testing
vi) Software Release and Maintenance

4) Software Development Life Cycle Models

i) Waterfall Model
ii) V Model
iii) Prototype Model
iv) Spiral Model
v) Agile Development Models

5) Software Test Levels

i) Unit Testing
ii) Integration Testing
iii) System Testing
iv) Acceptance Testing

6) Software Test Types

i) Functional Testing
ii) Non Functional Testing
iii) Regression Testing
iv) Structural Testing

7) Software Test Design Techniques

i) White Box and Black Box Test Techniques
ii) Static Test Design Techniques
iii) Dynamic Test Design Techniques
a) Equivalent Classes
b) Boundary Value Analysis
c) Decision Table Testing
d) State Transition Testing
e) Use Case Testing

8) Software Test Life Cycle-Test Planning

i) References for Test Planning Phase
ii) Tasks in Test Planning
iii) Test Plan Documentation

9) Software Test Life Cycle-Test Design

i) Reference for Test Design in Software Test Process
ii) Drive Test Scenarios
iii) Test Case Documentation
iv) Test Data Collection

10) Software Test Life Cycle-Test Execution

i) References for Test Design Phase
ii) Smoke, Comprehensive, Regression and Sanity Testing
iii) Writing Defect Reports

11) Software Test Life Cycle-Test Closure

i) References for Test Closure Phase
ii) Tasks in Test Closure of STLC
iii) Writing Test Summary Report

12) Test Management with QC/ALM

i) Introduction to HP Application Life Cycle Management
ii) Architecture of HP ALM
iii) Create a Domain, Project, Users in HP ALM
iv) Requirements Specifications module in HP ALM
v) Test Plan Module in HP ALM
vi) Test Lab Module in HP ALM
vii) Defect Management in HP ALM

G C Reddy

G C Reddy, Working as a Software Testing Trainer in Hyderabad, India.

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