Interview Questions On Test Automation

Interview Questions On Test Automation

Interview Questions On Test Automation

1) What is Automation?

General definition: Manual Process to mechanized process

Software Industry definition: Automation is a Microsoft technology that makes it possible to access software objects inside one application from other applications. These objects can be created and manipulated using a scripting or programming language such as VBScript or VC++. Automation enables you to control the functionality of an application programmatically.

2) What is Test Automation?

Automating Software Test process using Test Tools

3) What is Test Tool?

Test tool is software application it performs test operations based on user instructions.

4) What are the disadvantages of Manual Testing?
i) Huge Amount of Human Resources as well as Environment (Test lab)
ii) Time taking process
iii) Less Accuracy
iv) Tiredness

5) What are the advantages of Test Automation?

i) Fast: Tools are faster in execution than human users
ii) Reliable: Tools are reliable in complex calculations and tasks
iii) Reusable: we can reuse Automated Tests on multiple versions of Software (Ex: Sanity Tests, Regression Tests)
iv) Repeatable: we can repeat same operations with multiple sets of Test Data (Ex: Data driven Tests)
v) Programmable: we can use flow control statements for applying logic (Scope of Automated Tests is very high than Manual Test Cases)
vi) Comprehensive: we can execute series of Tests without human interaction (Ex: Batch Testing)

6) What are the drawbacks of Test Automation?

i) Test design requires lot of efforts
ii) 100% test automation impractical
iii) All types of testing not possible (Ex: Usability)
iv) Debugging issues
v) Tools may have their own defects

7) What is Vendor tool and give examples?

Companies develop tools, license is required to use and get technical support.

HP-WinRunner, QTP, LR, QC
IBM-Rational- Rational Robot, RFT, RPT, QA Director
Micro-SilkTest, Silk Performer

8) What is Open source Tool and give example?

Source code available on Internet anybody can download and use.

Ex: Selenium, Jmeter, Bugzilla, QAwebload etc…

9) What is In-house tool?

Some companies develop tools for their internal use.

Microsoft, Oracle Corporation and IBM developed so many tools for their internal use.

10) Give some examples for Functional & Regression Test Tools?

HP- QuickTest Professional (QTP)
IBM- Rational Functional Tester (RFT)
Micro Focus- Silk Test
Test Complete
Test Partner
Selenium (Open Source)

11) Give some examples for Performance Test Tools?
IBM-Rational Performance Tester (RPT)
Micro Focus- Silk Performer

JMeter (Open Source)

12) Give some examples for Test management Tools?
HP- Quality Center / ALM
Rational QA Director

13) Give some examples for Defect Management Tools?


14) What is the deference between Automation tools and Management tools?

Automation tools interact with software applications, Test management tools don’t interact with software applications.

Test management tools only for documentation and generation reports where as Automation tools execute our software applications.

15)What is Functional Testing?

Testing based on an analysis of the specification of the functionality of a component or system.

16) What is Regression Testing?

Testing of a previously tested program following modification to ensure that defects have not been introduced or uncovered in unchanged areas of the software, as a result of the changes made. It is performed when the software or its environment is changed.

17) What are different coverages in Function Testing?

Verifying the Functionality (external behavior) of a component or System

i) Input Domain Coverage

Verifying weather the system is accepting valid inputs or not? And preventing invalid inputs or not

ii) Output Domain Coverage

Verifying weather the System is providing correct Outputs or not, based on input and process

iii) Database Testing

Verifying the data validations, data storage and data retrieval operations

iv) Error handling

Verifying how the system is handling user unathurized/invalid operations and providing error and help messages.

v) Order of functionalities
Verifying weather the System is providing correct order of functionalities or not

18) What are the important operations in Database Testing?

Data Integrity,
Data Manipulations,
Data Comparisons,
Data Retrieval,
Data back-up and recovery operations etc…

19) What is Functional and Regression Testing?

20) Who uses QTP Tool?

HP- QuickTest Professional is an Industry leading Functional & Regression Test tool and it supports advanced keyword driven test approach.

Automatio Testers and End users use QTP Tool

21) What type of Scenarios can be automated?

Tests that we have to execute on every build (Sanity Tests)
Tests that we have to execute on every modified build (Regression Tests)
Tests that we have to execute with multiple sets of test data (Data driven Tests)

22) What type of Scenarios can’t be automated?

Tests that require human user observation
Tests that requires one time execution

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