Healthcare Domain

Healthcare Domain Projects for Testing Resume

1) Title: HealthCare System

Client : St.George, Paris

Software Used : Java, JSP, Oracle

Test Approach : Manual testing

The aim of the project is to automate various activities of the Hospital. The main activities covered are Doctors Information, Patient Details, Nurse Information and Lab Details. This project also maintains inpatient, outpatient, dispensary information, also handles employee information, regarding number of employees in the hospital and their salary information. This Project maintains the records of Birth certificates, Death certificates and even Medical certificates. Various Reports are provided by daily, monthly and yearly for Fee bill information.

2) Title : HealthCare Information.

Client : MacBee Health Group, USA

This product is related to Health Care domain, which involves the Policy Holders, Members of the Policy, Member Designees, Providers, and Business Units etc who can call the call center and ask for some specific services thereby the CSR selects the appropriate search mechanism to validate the caller and then performs the required services to the caller viz., Start Interaction, Change Privacy Restriction, PCP Update, Eligibility Enquiry, Add New Born, Order ID Card, Update Member Demographics and Profile of the member etc…

3) Title : NDB – Conversion
Client : United Health Group, Paris

United Health Group is one of the leading health groups in Paris.NDB-Conversion is a conversion package which converts EPD-Queries into NDB-Queries as per the client requirements and stores error free Quarries. AS there is high security, flexibility in NDB, They try to convert their EPD data into NDB database with some enhancements.

4) Title : Health Initiative Program / RMP

Client : Virginia State Department for Health

Description :
This project is to automate and web-enable the Healthy Start program, initiated by Virginia State Department for Health. The program is generally to find poor and unwed young mothers to be who may need assistance. These are then enrolled into the RMP (Resource Mother Program) and looked after Mentoring (Fatherhood) until delivery or one year of childbirth.

5) Title : Medical Services Automation System

Client : Ross Medicaid Group, Denver, USA

Description :
Medical Services Automation System consists of Online Appointment with the Doctor, Details of patient and his/her registration with Hospital, Patient problems/symptoms characteristics, past history, family history, drug allergies etc. Patients related images like x-ray, scanning reports etc.

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