Interview Questions on VBScript Operators


Interview Questions on VBScript Operators

1) What is an Operator in Computer Programming or in Scripting?

A symbol that represents a specific action or operations, we can find operators in all programming and Scripting languages.

+ (Addition)

– (Subtraction)

* (Multiplication)

Note: Operators or not only Symbol oriented, some text oriented operators also there.
And (Logical Conjunction)

Or (Logical Disjunction)

2) What is Operator precedence?

When several operations occur in an expression, each part is evaluated and resolved in a predetermined order called operator precedence. You can use parentheses to override the order of precedence and force some parts of an expression to be evaluated before others.

Generally VBScript evaluates operators from Left to Right, but priority process is there if any high priority operator is there in Right side, first VBScript evaluate that high priority operator then general rule.

3) What are the categories of operators in VBScript?
VBScript has,

Arithmetic operators

Comparison operators

Concatenation operators

Logical operators

Note: Concatenation operators are part of Arithmetic operators

4) What are the Arithmetic operators in VBScript?

Arithmetic Operators are:

1) Exponentiation ^

2) Multiplication

3) Division /

4) Integer \

5) Mod

6) Addition +

7) Subtraction –

8) Concatenation &

Note: Arithmetic Operators return Value based Result

5) What are the Comparison operators in VBScript?

Comparison Operators (All have equal precedence)

> (Greater than)

>= (Greater than or equal to)

< (Less than)

<= (Less than or equal to)
= (Equal to)

<> (Not equal to)
Note: Comparison Operators return Logical / Boolean Result
Ex: True or False

6) What are the Logical operators in VBScript?

Logical Operators are:

1) Not (Logical Negation)

2) And (Logical Conjunction)

3) Or (Logical Disjunction)

4) Xor (Logical Exclusion)

5) Eqv (Logical equivalence)

6) Imp (Logical implication)
7) What are the Concatenation operators in VBScript?

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