Quality Center Interview Questions

Quality Center Interview Questions

Quality Center Interview Questions

1) What is Quality Center?

It is a Test Management Tool from HP, supports;

Requirements Management,

Test Design,

Test Execution,

Defect Management,


Integration with Functional and Regression Test tools (QTP and LoadRunner)

2) What is the Difference between TestDirector and Quality Center?

Advanced or Enhanced version of TestDirector is Quality Center

3) What is starting version of QC?

Quality Center 8.0

4) What is latest version of QC or ALM?
Quality Center 12.0

5) Does Quality Center supports UNIX operating Environment?
Yes, QC has 2 types of license;

Quality Center for Windows

Quality Center for UNIX

6) Does Quality Center has Programming Interface like QTP?

No, it doesn’t have Programming Interface.

7) What is the default database of Quality Center?

SQL Server, but it also supports Oracle for creating tables for projects if we provide Oracle run-time.

8) Does Quality Center supports SQL?

Yes, It has Command line interface, user can execute SQL statements to get projects status.

9) What HP testing tools does quality center integrate with?

Quality Center integrates with Winrunner, QTP, LoadRunner and Visual API-XP.

10) How many modules are in Quality Center ?

Six Modules

11) What are the benefits and features of Quality Center ?
Quality Center is a comprehensive test management tool. It is a web-based tool and supports high level of communication and association among various stakeholders (Business Analyst, Developers , Testers etc. ), driving a more effective and efficient global application-testing process. Automation Tools like QTP, WinRunner and LoadRunner can be integrated with Quality Center. One can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test processes.

12) What is meant by Instance?

A Test Case imported from Test Plan module to Test Lab module is called an Instance of that test case. It is possible to have multiple instances of the same Test Case in the Test Lab Module.

13) How to ensure that there is no duplication of bugs in Quality Center?
In the defect tracking window of QC, there is a “find similar defect” icon. When this icon is clicked after writing the defect, if anybody else has entered the same defect then it points it out.

14) How to switch between two projects in Quality Center ?

In QC 9.0 and above you can switch between two projects by select Tools>Change Projects>Select Project.

In other version, you will need to log-off and log-in again.

15) What is Coverage status, what does it do?

Coverage status is percentage of testing covered at a given time.
For Example, If you have 100 test cases in a project and you have executed 35 test cases than your coverage status of the project is 35%
Coverage status helps to keep track of project deadline.

16) How can we save the tests Executed in test lab?

The tests executed are automatically saved when the user clicks on “END RUN” in the Test Lab

17) Can you map the defects directly to the requirements (Not through the test cases) in the Quality Centre?
Mapping the defects directly to the requirements:
• Create your Req.Structure
• Create the test case structure and the test cases
• Map the test cases to the App.Req
• Run and report bugs from your test cases in the test lab module.
The database structure in Quality Centre is mapping test cases to defects, only if you have created the bug from Application. test case may be we can update the mapping by using some code in the bug script module(from the customize project function), as per as i know, it is not possible to map defects directly to an requirements.

18) Can we upload test cases from an excel sheet into Quality Centre?

Yes go to Add-In menu Quality Centre, find the excel add-In, and install it in your machine.
Now open excel, you can find the new menu option export to Quality Centre. Rest of the procedure is self explanatory.

19) What is meant by test lab in Quality Centre?

Test lab is a part of Quality Centre where we can execute our test on different cycles creating test tree for each one of them. We need to add test to these test trees from the tests, which are placed under test plan in the project. Internally Quality Centre will refer to this test while running then in the test lab.

20) How do you run reports from Quality Centre?
This is how we do it
1. Open the Quality Centre project.
2. Displays the requirements modules.
3. Choose report.
Analysis > reports > standard requirements report.

21) Can we export the file from Quality Centre to excel sheet. If yes then how?

Requirement tab– Right click on main req/click on export/save as word, excel or other template. This would save all the child requirements.
Test plan tab: Only individual test can be exported. no parent child export is possible. Select a test script, click on the design steps tab, right click anywhere on the open window. Click on export and save as.
Test lab tab: Select a child group. Click on execution grid if it is not selected. Right click anywhere. Default save option is excel. But can be saved in documents and other formats. Select all or selected option.
Defects Tab: Right click anywhere on the window, export all or selected defects and save excel sheet or document.

22) How many types of tabs are there in Quality Center and Explain them?

There are four types of tabs are available:
1. Requirement : To track the customer requirements.
2. Test plan: To design the test cases and to store the test scripts.
3. Test lab: To execute the test cases and track the results.
4. Defect: To log a defect and to track the logged defects.

23) When you run a test on remote host group is the test executed on all the hosts available in the group?
It runs only on the first available host in the group.

24) What is a test sets tree in QC?

Quality Center test sets tree design to achieve specific testing goals and organizes and displays the test sets hierarchically.

25) What does a live analyses graph display in QC?

Quality Center live analyses graph provides a visual overview of all tests within a folder in test plan tree.

26) Can u tell me the phases of Test management with Quality Center in order?

The phases of Test management with Quality Center in order are: Specify Releases, Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Execute Tests, Track Defects.

27) What the User group determines?

The User group determines the privileges that the user has within a project.

28) Why to use filters? How you define filters?

You can filter Quality Center data to display only those records that meet the criteria that you define. We can define Multiple items as filter.

29) Which filter can we define in test plan tree? What is the use of it?

In the test plan tree, we can define the Cross filter for associated test sets as”Open”.This ensures that only tests that belong to an open test set are displayed.

30) How records appear in QC?

By default records appear in Quality Center in the Order in which they were added.

31) What are the 2 interfaces of Quality Center?

Site Admin

Quality Center

32) What are the Important features of Site Admin?

Create, Delete Domains

Create, Edit, Delete Projects

Create, Edit, Delete Users

Assign Users to one or more projects

Track Project Status Etc…
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