Solaris Admin Resume

Solaris Admin Resume

Jegadeesh Kannan
Mobile1: +91 9840021688


I am seeking a position where I can use my organizational skills, trouble shooting capabilities, and analytical talents to make the work environment more efficient, productive and pleasant.


•A competent professional with overall 6+ years experience, including 4 years of experience in Solaris and Linux System Administration, 2 years of experience in UNIX shell scripting.
•Currently working with Verizon Data Services India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai as Specialist
•Installing and configuring servers using Jumpstart, Kick-start, PXEboot and fresh installations.
•Organising networked systems, network file sharing services, securing networks and remote desktop administration
•Proven skills in Installation, Configuration and Administration of NIS, NFS, Apache, Samba, SSH, FTP, Auto mount and UNIX System Accounting
•Designing backup strategy and ensuring scheduled/unscheduled backups as per the backup plans
•Hands-on experience in automation & monitoring various system tasks and jobs in UNIX shell scripting, UNIX process management and controlling with native operating system tools
•Extending high-end technical support on various servers and ensuring high customer satisfaction
•Possess strong analytical, problem solving, communication and presentation skills


•Operating Systems : Solaris 9 & 10, UNIX, Red Hat Linux 5 & 6, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 and VM Ware 5.1
•Servers : Sun E10k/15k, V100, V240, V480 and 280R
•Storage Products : RAID Arrays, LVM, VxVM and VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS)
•Other Software : Java, J2EE, Oracle 8i & 10g, Bash, Korn Shell, Make, and Ant
•Protocols : Rlogin, Telnet, FTP and SSH


Certified as:
o Red Hat Linux Engineer Administrator & Engineer 6 from Red Hat, Inc.
o Solaris 10 System Administration-Level-1
o Course completion certification in VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.1] from vmware education services

Awards Won:
o“uDeserve” Award for excellent contribution in July 2008 and Aug 2012
o “On The Spot” Award for exemplary contribution to the organization in July 2009
oReceived recognition and appreciation for 5 years service in 2012


Since May’07 Verizon Data Services India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Major Projects:

Title SSP and VADI Systems

Duration : Since Aug’09
Designation : Specialist (System Admin)
Role :

Solaris Administration:

•Developing and accumulating assignments and troubleshooting daily system administrator activities
•Served as part of system consolidation program aimed at reducing data centres through server decommission process
•Prepared Server Analysis Reports (CPU and Memory Utilization, Workloads, etc.) on weekly basis
•Managed users and groups based security policies and procedures including privileges and remote access
•Installing and improving Solaris Operating System on enterprise and mid-range servers by using Jumpstart, PXEboot and Live upgrade
•Accomplished proactive surveillance by different monitoring tools like vmstat, netstat, prstat, iostat.
•Installation and Configuration VERITAS Volume manager
•Experience in Veritas Volume Manager for creation/resizing of volumes/file system. Trouble shooting various issues of Veritas volume manager like disk failure, rootdg corruption, volume corruption, mirroring, moving of disk from one disk group to another. Resizing, Restarting, Recovering, and Removing VERITAS Volumes
•Undertaking tuning of File System and growing using VERITAS File System (VxFS)
•Coordinating with SAN Team for storage allocation and Disk Dynamic Multi path
•Executed RAID 0, 1 & 5 in the systems
•Created vmdisks, plexes and volumes by using the volume manager according to the requirement
•Installed, configured, maintained and troubleshoot zones on Sun Solaris
•Replaced failed disks by using Vxdiskadm
•Documented best practices for outage resolution with the goal of reducing the MTTR for application outages
•Configured and managed disks, file system, UNIX system accounting and security
•Audited the system and checked with various log files for errors
•Supervised file system and process like monitoring, start/stop/kill various processes and sub-processes
•Scheduled and controlled system processes by using CRON
•Having good knowledge in Veritas Cluster Server for configuring new groups /resources, performing fail-back and failover operations. Starting and stopping cluster service groups. Adding and removing resources in groups. Add, Delete and Resize Veritas File System

Linux Administration:

•Establishing and managing disk space, processes, TCP/IP protocols on Linux servers by using Nagios network monitoring
•Prepared Server Analysis Reports (CPU and Memory Utilization, Workloads, etc.) on weekly basis
•Installation of various Linux flavours, servers and Configuring
•Kick start for network installation
•Creating & extending file systems and Configuration of Swap
•Configuration of VNC Server Remote Desktop Services
•User administration and password policy management.
•Installation and configuration SAMBA and NFS servers
•Installing & Configuring Apache WEB Server (HTTP) and NIS server.
•Knowledge in Booting and Shutdown procedure and troubleshooting Boot process
•Installed, configured, maintained and troubleshoot Samba, Web server, NIS on Linux servers.
•Scheduling activities through Crontab and at command
•Installing and managing packages using command line utility RPM and front end YUM
•Configuring and Maintaining LVM and software RAID
•Experience in Veritas Volume Manager for creation/resizing of volumes/file system.
•Resizing, Restarting, Recovering and removing volumes using LVM and Trouble shooting various issues of LVM like disk failure, volume corruption, mirroring.
•Configuration FTP server and client for file transfer
•Configuration Send mail and Post-fix Server
•Kernel Installation and Up gradation

Title: IPM (Integrated Project Management – Tool)
Duration: May’07-Aug’09
Designation: Software Engineer


•Constructed workflow system for tracking all the modifications in software for every application.
•Handled production servers, DR servers, testing and staging servers
•Maintained shipment of different packages to different servers
•Written scripts using BASH and Kornshell to assist users to build and release system
•Deployment of application upgrades fixes and enhancements through korn shell
•Supported business validation processes for releasing production


Title : VMware 5.1 Training
Duration : Feb 11 to Feb 15 2013
Organisation : VMware Education Services, Chennai


•Installation and configuration of ESXi and vCenter Server components
•Used vCenter Server to configure and manage ESXi networking and storage
•Deployed, managed and migrated virtual machines
•Used vCenter Server to monitor resource usage and to increase scalability
•Used VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ to apply ESXi patches
•Used vCenter Server to manage higher availability and data protection


•B.E. in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu, Madurai Kamaraj University, Virudhunagar with 71 % in 2004


Date of Birth : 25th May, 1983
Father’s name :Kannan.T
Alternate Mobile number if any:+91 9789098426
New Email ID
Address : 362, Velachery, Main Road, Chennai – 600042
Languages Known :English, Tamil and Telugu
Location Preference :bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai

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