Introduction on UFT Test Tool


Introduction on UFT Test Tool

I) what is UFT?

• Unified Functional Testing, It is a Functional and Regression Test Tool from HP
• UFT, is an advanced version of QTP, UFT = QTP + Service Tools
• QTP supports GUI testing only where as UFT supports GUI and API Testing.
• QTP as well as UFT support little bit Performance Testing and Reliability Testing.
• UFT Supports Windows operating only.

II) UFT Tool Architecture

• UFT developed in .NET Technology.
• UFT is a one tier Application or Desktop Application. It doesn’t have any database, then how it stores its resources? It stores its resources using file format on Hard disk.
• UFT IDE has Record and Run features to design and execute tests and It has checkpoints, Output values, Transaction points etc… features for enhancing Tests.
• UFT has integrated Tools for Batch Testing, encoding Passwords and Test Results deletion etc…
• UFT has VBScript Engine to apply programming logic to our Tests.
• It has 2 programming interfaces, one is UFT Tool Editor another is Function Library.
• UFT has an Integrated MS Access engine for Database Testing and other Data related operations.

III) Object based Test Tool

• UFT is an object based Test Tool based on front-end objects it supports Test Operations.
• For Database Testing no front end object reference is required.
• Software Objects example in Windows based Applications; Window, Dialog box, Edit box, Drop-down box, List box, Combo box, Button, Radio button, Check box etc… In web based applications; Browser, Page, Link, Image, Edit box, Drop-down box, List box, Combo box, Button, Radio button, Check box etc…
• In UFT Test Automation we work with 4 types of Objects, they are Run-time objects, test objects, utility objects and automation objects.

IV) Test Design in UFT

• UFT has recording feature to design tests or we can write tests by adding objects to Object repository otherwise we can use Descriptive programming for generating tests.
• Using UFT Tool features like Checkpoints, Output values, transaction points etc… we can enhance Tests otherwise we can use VBScript features like Flow control statements, Functions, automation objects etc…

V) Test Execution in UFT

• For Single Test Run we can use Run Command.
• For Batch Testing we can Test Batch Runner Tool.
• For Step by Step execution we can use Debug commands like Step into, Step Over, Step Out etc…

VI) Integration with ALM

• UFT can integrate with ALM (Application Life Cycle Management), It is Test Management Tool from HP.
• To Integrate UFT with ALM, we need to install ALM Add in for UFT.

VII) Challenges in UFT Test Automation

• Object Identification, Basically it is an object based on front end objects it performs test operations, But sometimes UFT may not recognize some objects even though we load appropriate add ins.
• Handling huge amount of objects, some applications may have thousands of objects, handling thousands of objects is difficult.
• Executing web tests using different browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla fire fox etc…

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