UFT Interview Questions

UFT Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is UFT?

Unified Functional Testing is a Functional and Regression Test Tool from HP.

2) What is the difference between QTP and UFT?

• UFT is an advanced version of QTP
• UFT = QTP + Service Tools
• QTP Supports GUI testing only, but UFT Supports GUI and API testing.

3) Explain about the UFT Product?

• UFT Tool developed in .NET technology
• UFT is I-Tier Application or desktop application, it doesn’t have any database.
• UFT stores its resource using file format on hard disk.
• UFT has an integrated VBScript engine for enhancing tests using programming features
• UFT has MS Access database engine for Database operations
• UFT is an object based Test tool, based on front-end objects only it supports Test operations.

4) What are the types of UFT License?

UFT has 2 types of License,
• Seat License
• Concurrent License

5) Does UFT support UNIX Operating environment?

UFT doesn’t support UNIX operating environment, supports Windows environment only.

6) How UFT supports Database Testing?

Using MS Access Database engine and VBScript Database objects.

7) What is Add in?

General meaning an additional component, UFT point of view Environment compatibility software.

8) What type of Add ins available for UFT?

Two types of Add ins:

a) Internal Add ins

• Standard Windows (Built-in)
• Activex
• Visual Basic
• Web

b) External Add ins

• Java
• .NET for windows forms
• .NET for Web forms
• SAP for GUI
• SAP for Web
• Siebel
• Peoplesoft
• Power Builder
• Delphi
• Stingray
• Smalltalk
• TE
• Oracle
• Web services
• Silverlight

9) What is UFT Test Process?

UFT Test process has six phases
a) Test Planning
b) Generating Basic Tests
c) Enhancing Tests
d) Debugging and Running Tests
e) Analyzing Test Results
f) Reporting Defects.

10) What are the important tasks in Test Planning phase?

• Get Environment (UI Design Technology and Database) Details from Development Team and select appropriate Add ins
• Analyze the AUT in terms of Object Identification
• Select Test cases for Automation
• Tool settings Configuration and Globalize
• Automation Framework Implementation (Optional)How to design Tests in UFT?

11) How to enhance Tests in UFT?

Using UFT Tool features like Checkpoints, Output values, Transaction points, synchronization points etc…
And Using VBScript features like Flow control statements, Functions, Automation objects etc…

12) How to Run or Executes Tests in UFT?

Using Run command we execute a single test, and using Test Batch Runner Tool we can execute Test batches.

13) How to debug Tests in UFT?

Using Debug Commands and breakpoints.

14) How to define Test Results in UFT?

Using Reporter Utility Object

15) What is Object Repository?

It is a storage place for storing Test objects information.

16) What is Recording?

It is process of generating steps for every user operation on UFT, simultaneously storing objects information into Object Repository.

17) What is Descriptive programming?

Enter or Provide Objects information directly into statements is called Descriptive programming.

18) What are the types of Descriptive Programming?

Two types of Descriptive programming,

a) Static Programming
b) Dynamic Programming

19) What is Dynamic Descriptive Programming?

Creating description objects and generating Tests using Description objects is called Dynamic descriptive programming.

20) What is Step Generator?

It is a library of functions and Utility objects used to generate recordable and Non-recordable steps.

21) What is Data Table?

It is an integrated spread sheet to perform data related operations.

22) What is Parameterization?

Replacing constant values with parameters

23) What is Data driven Testing?

Repeat Tests using multiple sets of Test Data

24) Why Data Driven Testing?

For Positive and Negative Testing.

25) What is Checkpoint?

It is a verification point, takes expected result from the User, compares with actual results and provides Test Result.

26) What is Output value?

It captures Output during execution and stores into Run-time Data table.

27) What is the purpose of Inserting transaction points?

To measure a Test Transaction Time or part of the Test transaction Time.

28) How to work with files in UFT?

Using VBScript File System Text stream objects

29) How to work with Excel files?

Using Excel Application Object

30) What is Object Identification Configuration?

Configuring objects using some important properties information.

31) What is Virtual Object Configuration?

It is process of making an area or user defined object as virtual object.

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