UFT Class 7

UFT Class 7

(Object Repository Part-2, Test Creation in UFT)

Why we need to Associate shared Repositories?

In order to create and execute Tests manually (Without Recording).

-> If it is Recording UFT creates Local repositories and it uses local object
Information while test execution.

-> If user wants to create tests manually then create shared object Repositories and Associate.

g) Load Repositories during directly in the Test Script.


RepositoriesCollection.Add “Path of the shared object Repository file”


RepositoriesCollection.Add “C:\Users\GVenkat\Desktop\Repository1.tsr”

h) Export Test Objects to XML / Import Test Objects from XML


We can edit shared objects without UFT Tool.

Export Test Objects to XML:

Resources -> Object Repository Manager->File->Open->Browser path of the OR file
->File->Export Test Objects to XML->Enter file name->Save

Import Test Objects from XML:

Resources -> Object Repository Manager->File->Import Test Objects from XML->Browse path of the XML file

i) Map objects in between OR and AUT:

How to map:

Using View options in Object Repository

i) Highlight in Application (from OR to AUT)

ii) Locate in Repository (From AUT to OR)

j) Define New Test Objects

Using this feature we can create Tests even though Application is not ready.

It is not recommendable feature.


By getting objects information from development team.


i) Get objects information from development team.

ii) Resources->Object->Define New Test Object->Select Environment
->Select Class of Object->Enter Name—-

Keyword Driven Methodology:

Generating Tests manually (Without Recording) using Keywords(Objects, Methods, Functions etc…)


i) Create Shared Object Repositories

ii) Associate Shared Object Repositories


Load Repositories during directly in the Test Script

iii) Generate Steps / Statements

a) Using Editor View
b) Using Keyword view (Easy to generate Test Object statements)
c) Using Step Generator
d) By drag and drop objects from OR to UFT Editor(Test Object Statements only)

What is Step Generator?

It is a Library of functions and Utility objects used to generate recordable and Non-recordable steps.


Design menu->Step Generator

Shortcut key F7

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