Selenium Interview Questions-2

Interview Questions on Selenium Test Process

Interview Questions on Selenium Test Process

Interview Questions and Answers on Selenium Test Process or Selenium Test Life Cycle, Selenium Test Planning, Selenium Environment Setup, Select Test Cases for Automation, Selenium Test Design & Test Case Writing, Selenium Test Execution, Debugging Selenium Test Cases, Running Selenium Tests and Selenium Test Closure.

1) What are the phases in Software Test Process?

• Software Test phases may vary from one company to another and one project to another.

• As per Industry standards, there are four important phases in Software Test process, They are Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution and Test Closure.

2) What are the phases in Selenium Test Process?

• Test Planning, Generating basic Test cases, Enhancing Test Cases, Running & Debugging Test cases, Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.

3) What are the important tasks in Test Planning phase?

• Get AUT (Application Under Test) Environment details (UI design, and Database) from development team.

• Analyze the AUT in terms of UI elements Identification.

• Select Test cases for Automation

• Select Testing Framework (JUnit or TestNG) and configure.

• Configure Defect Reporting environment.

4) How to create Test cases using Selenium IDE?

• Using Recording feature we can create Test cases in Selenium IDE.

• Using Element locators and Selenese commands we can type Test steps instead of using Recording feature.

5) How to create Test cases using Selenium WebDriver?

• Using Element locators and WebDriver Methods we can create Test cases in Selenium WebDriver.

6) How to inspect Elements/objects?

• If it is Mozilla Firefox Browser, using Firebug and Firepath plug ins we inspect Elements/Objects.

• If it is IE or Google Chrome browser, using built in Developer tools (F12) we can inspect elements.

7) How to enhance Selenium IDE Test cases?

• Using Selenese Verification commands we can insert verification points.

• We can add comments

8) How to enhance Selenium WebDriver Test Cases?

• By inserting verification points, Adding comments, Exception handling, Synchronization, Parametrization and using functions (reusable components) we can enhance Test cases.

• Using Java or other supported programming language features we can enhance Test cases.

• Using JUnit or TestNG Annotations also we can enhance WebDriver Test cases.

9) How to conduct Batch Testing?

• In Selenium IDE, we can create Test suites and execute Test suites.

• Using either JUnit or TestNG, we can conduct Batch Testing in selenium Webdriver.

10) How to debug Test cases?

• By step by step Test case execution we can locate errors.

• Debugging Test cases is optional task in Selenium Test process.

• Whenever Test case is not showing any errors and not providing correct output then we debug the Test case.

11) How to report Defects in Selenium?

• There is no Defect Tracking tool integrated with Selenium, after analyzing the Test Results then report defects using your company Defect management system.

• Selenium is nor responsible for Defect reporting, Tester has to report defects.

12) How to Select Test cases for Automation?

No restricts for selecting Test cases for Automation, generally we select Three categories of test cases.

• Tests that we have to execute on every build (Sanity tests).

• Tests that we have to execute on every modified build(Regression Tests).

• Tests that we have execute using multiple sets of Test data (Data Driven Tests).

13) How to conduct Cross Browser Testing?

• Selenium IDE doesn’t support Cross browser Testing.

• Selenium WebDriver supports Cross browser Testing.

• Use Browser drivers to conduct Cross browser Testing.

• For Mozilla Firefox we no need to download browser driver, For IE, Google chrome and other browsers we have to download browser driver and set path.

14) How to conduct Parallel Testing?

• Using multiple machines (Computers) and Selenium Grid we can conduct Parallel Test execution.

15) How to conduct Data driven Testing?

• Using Text file or Excel file as resource we can conduct Data driven Testing.

• Using TestNG DataProvider Annotation also we can conduct Data Driven Testing.

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