Disadvantages of Test Automation

Disadvantages of Test Automation

Test Automation or Automated Testing: Testing Computer Software or Mobile Software using any Automation tool or Automation script.

Important Tasks in Test Automation:

• Select areas / Test cases for Automation

• Create Tests / Test Scripts using Test Tool IDE features and Programming features.

• Executing Tests (Single Test or Test Batches).

• Debugging Tests if required.

• Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.

Disadvantages of Test Automation / Automated Testing

i) Test Automation requires lot of efforts at initial stage.

(In Software Testing two important tasks, one is Test Design and another is Test Execution, For Test Design User (Tester) interaction is mandatory, Testers only create Test scripts using Test Tool features and Programming features, It takes more time than Manual Test Case Design.)

ii) 100% Test automation is impractical.

(Generally we try to automate maximum Test cases, not all Test cases, for some Test human user observation is required.

Due to some Environment limitations we can’t automate all testable requirements.)

iii) All types of Testing not possible (Ex: Usability).

(We can automate Functionality tests, Performance Tests but not possible to automate tests that verify User friendliness of the System(AUT).

iv) Debugging issues

(We use programming syntax/logic to write Tests, some times locating errors in Test Script is difficult.)

v) Tools may have their own defects.

(Test tool also a Software, it may have its own defects in it, so that we may not achieve desired benefits).

vi) Programming Knowledge is required.

(Every Test Tool uses any one of the Programming languages (Example UFT supports VBScript, Selenium supports Java, Perl, PHP, C#, PHP and Ruby) to write Test scripts. So in order to create and edit Test Scripts Programming knowledge is mandatory.

In Manual Testing, no programming knowledge is required.)

vii) Test Tools have Environment Limitations.

(Test Tools have some compatibility issues with Operating Systems and browsers etc…


UFT / QTP Supports Windows operating environment only, doesn’t support other operating environments like UNIX, Macintosh etc…

Selenium Supports Web Application test automation only, doesn’t support Desktop / windows based applications.

For Manual Testing no environment limitations, we can test computer software or mobile software on any operating system and any Browser.)

viii) Not suitable for dynamically changing UI designs.

(Most of the Test Tools support Test automation based on front-end objects, if User Interface design changes dynamically then it is difficult to automate.)
Test Tool: A Software that used to automate Software Test process.

Test Tool is one software, Application Under Test (AUT) is another software.

Debugging: Locating and Isolating errors through step by step execution.

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