History of the Selenium Project

History of the Selenium Project

Selenium IDE,
Selenium RC,
Selenium WebDriver,
and Selenium Grid are the Selenium Projects.

• Selenium first came to life in 2004 when Jason Huggins was testing an internal application at ThoughtWorks.

• In 2006 an engineer at Google named Simon Stewart started work on a project he called WebDriver.

• in 2008, the whole Selenium team decided to merge Selenium Webdriver with Selenium RC in order to
form more powerful tool called Selenium 2.0

Selenium 1.0
(Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium Grid)

Selenium 2.0 (Selenium 1.0 + WebDriver)
(Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium WebDriver + Selenium Grid)

Note: Now Selenium RC is only for maintenance projects.
Selenium IDE – It has IDE but no programming interface, used to create an execute Test cases.

Selenium WebDriver – It has Programming interface only, no IDE, it is used to create and execute Test Cases

Selenium Grid – It execute Tests in Parallel.

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