Selenium Components

Selenium Components / Selenium’s Tool Suite

1) Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
2) Selenium RC (Remote Control)
3) Selenium WebDriver
4) Selenium Grid

1) Selenium IDE

It is a Firefox Browser Add on, used to create and execute Test Cases

Selenium IDE Features:

> Create Test Cases and Test Suites.
(We can Record Test Cases, or Type Test Steps using Element Locators and Selenese Commands/Selenium IDE Commands)

> Edit Test Cases

> Execute Test Cases and Test Suites

> Debug Test Cases.

> Enhance Test Cases

> Export Test Cases to other formats (Java, Ruby etc…)

Note: Selenium IDE Test case default format .html

Selenium Components / Selenium’s Tool Suite

Drawbacks of Selenium IDE:

> It works only on Firefox Browser, doesn’t support other Browsers.

> It doesn’t support any Programming, so we can’t use Programming logic to enhance Test cases.

> It doesn’t support Data driven Testing.

> It is not suitable for Complex Test case design.

> No centralized maintenance of Elements/Objects.

2) Selenium RC (* Out dated)

3) Selenium WebDriver

> It is a Programming Interface to create and execute Test Cases.
Selenium IDE has IDE only, but no programming Interface

Selenium WebDriver has programming interface only, but no IDE.
UFT / QTP has both IDE as well as Programming Interface
> Selenium WebDriver supports various programming environments to write programs (Test scripts).







> Selenium WebDriver supports various Browsers

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Opera etc…

> Selenium WebDriver supports various Operating Environments

MS Windows


Macintosh etc…
Using Element Locators and WebDriver commands / methods we can create Test Cases

Element/ Object Locator/Property value

Button id next

Edit box name Email
Dog height 30
color white
Element Locator – To identify or recognize the Element

WebDriver Command/Method – To perform Operation on the Element

Element Operation
Edit box Entering a value
Button Click/Submit
Link Click
Check box Select/Unselect
Drop down box select an item
Drawbacks of Selenium WebDriver

> Selenium WebDriver has no IDE, so Creating Test cases is difficult and takes more time.

> No built-in Result Reporting facility.

> It doesn’t have an integreated spread sheet for Data related(Ex: Data driven testing) operations

4 Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid for Parallel Test execution, No Test Design in Selenium Grid.

> Selenium Grid executes Test Cases across multiple browsers, operating environments and machines in parallel.

> Selenium Grid 2.0 supports Selenium RC Test Cases and Selenium WebDriver Test Cases.
Focus on:

Test Automation using Selenium

i) Selenium WebDriver
(To create and execute Test Cases using Element Locators and WebDriver Commands/Methods)

ii) Java Programming
(To Enhance Test cases – Inserting verification points, Parameterization, Synchronization, error Handling, Adding Comments etc…)

iii) TestNG Testing Framework
(Grouping Test cases,
Executing Test batches,
Generate Test Reports,
Parallel Test execution, Data driven Testing etc…)
Parallel Test execution using Selenium Grid (Multiple Machines)

Parallel Test execution using Selenium WebDriver + TestNG (Single Machine)

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