Software Testing Tools

Software Testing Tools

Software Test Tools are used to automate Software Test process.

Using Testing Tools we can execute Tests quickly, We have various Test Tools available in the IT industry to support different types of Testing (Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile Testing Etc…).

Note: We have so many Software Test Tools available in the IT Industry, I introduced some important Test tools only in this document.

Types of Software Test Tools

I) Functional and Regression Test Tools

1) Selenium – (Open Source Tool)

(Selenium is a suite of Software Tools that automate Web Browsers, Selenium is mainly used for Functional and Regression Testing, Selenium supports Computer Web Applications and Mobile Web Applications.

Selenium supports various operating environments (Ex: MS Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc…), Browser environments (Ex: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE etc…) and various Programming environments (Ex: Java, C#, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby) to write and Execute Test Scripts.)

2) UFT / QTP (Commercial Tool)

(HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly QuickTest Professional) is a Functional and Regression Test tool, supports Desktop Applications and Web Applications, it works only on MS Windows Operating environment and it supports advanced keyword driven testing.)

3) RFT (Commercial Tool)

(IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated functional testing and regression testing tool. This software provides automated testing capabilities for functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing.

RFT supports Java or Visual Basic .NET to write Test Scripts, testers using Java can work in the Eclipse Java editor, and those using Visual Basic .NET can work in Visual Studio .NET.)

4) SoapUI – (Open Source Tool)

(SoapUI is a free and open source cross-platform Functional Testing solution.)

5) Watir – (Open Source Tool)

(Watir, is an open-source (BSD) family of Ruby libraries for automating web browsers.)

6) SilkTest (Commercial Tool)

(Micro Focus SilkTest is a tool for automated function and regression testing of enterprise applications.)

7) TestComplete – (Commercial Tool)

(TestComplete is a Functional and Regression Test Tool developed by SmartBear Software.)

8) Silk TestPartner – (Commercial Tool)

(An Automated Testing tool for Functional and Regression Testing developed by Micro Focus)

9) Cucumber (Open Source Tool)

(Cucumber is a tool based on BDD framework which is used to write acceptance tests for web applications.)

10) Sahi (Open Source Tool)

(Sahi is an open source automation testing tool for web applications.)

II) Performance Test Tools

1) LoadRunner (Commercial Tool)

(LoadRunner is a software testing tool from Hewlett-Packard, used to test applications, measuring system behavior and performance under load.)

2) JMeter – (Open Source Tool)

(Apache JMeter is an open source software, Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. )

3) RPT (Commercial Tool)

(IBM Rational Performance Tester is a performance testing tool that validates the scalability of web and server applications.

RFT helps us quickly execute performance tests that analyze the impact of load on our applications.)

4) Silk Performer (Commercial Tool)

(Micro Focus Silk Performer is a software tool for load and stress tests for users across a range of application environments, including the latest web and mobile technologies.)

5) NeoLoad (Commercial Tool)

(NeoLoad is a load and performance testing solution simulates user activity and monitors infrastructure behavior so we can eliminate bottlenecks in all our web and mobile applications.)

6) WebLoad (Commercial Tool)

(RadView – WebLOAD is load, performance stress testing tool for compiter web applications and mobile web applications.)

III) Mobile Testing Tools

1) Appium – (Open Source Tool)

(Appium is an open-source tool for automating Native, Mobile web, and Hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms.)

2) Silk Mobile (Commercial Tool)

(Micro Focus – Silk Mobile provides automated functional mobile testing that replicates end user experience and ensures that our application works as expected.)

IV) Test Management Tools

Note: Test Management includes Defect Management (Defect Reporting & Tracking).

1) HP ALM/Quality Center (Commercial Tool)

( HP ALM developed by HP as Application Life Cycle Management Tool that supports various phases of the software development life cycle.

ALM also provides integration to all other HP products such as UFT and Load Runner.)

2) Jira

(Jira is a proprietary issue tracking tool developed by Atlassian. It provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions.)

3) TestLink (Open Source Tool)

(TestLink is a web-based test management tool that supports for test cases, test suites, test plans, test projects and user management, as well as various reports and statistics.)

4) QAComplete

(SmartBear – Comprehensive Software Test Management Tool with Centralized Reporting Across Manual, Selenium, API, and Automated Tests)

5) Silk Central (Commercial Tool)

(Micro Focus / Borland – Test management tool which unifies all test assets into one easy-to-use planning, tracking, reporting and execution hub.)

6) IBM Rational Quality Manager (Commercial Tool)

(IBM Rational Quality Manager provides Application life cycle management environment for test planning, test design, and execution.)

V) Defect Management Tools

1) Bugzilla (Open Source Tool)

(Bugzilla is an Open source Web based Bug tracking tool developed by Mozilla Foundation.)

2) Mantis (Open Source Tool)

(Mantis is an Open source and Web based Bug Tracking System.)

3) BugHost (Commercial Tool)

(BugHost is a Web based Bug Tracking tool / application for the enterprise or small business.)

4) IBM Rational ClearQuest (Commercial Tool)

(Rational ClearQuest is an enterprise level workflow automation tool. Commonly, ClearQuest is configured as a bug tracking system.)

5) FogBugz (Commercial Tool)

(Fog Creek – FogBugz is an integrated web-based project management system that supports bug/issue tracking, discussion forums etc…)

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