Download and Install Python

Download and Install Python

Python is a general purpose scripting language and it is open source Software, released by Python Software Foundation…

Step 1: Go to Python official website (,

Step 2: In the website, Select “Download” tab and choose “Windows” option/menu item,

Step 3: Select latest Software version to download

Then it will download, after download the Software (that is .exe file) then
click on the file…

Note: Here select your Operating System specific Software (ex: Windows x86 executable installer),

Step 4: Install the Python…

While Installation Select “Add Python 3.6 to PATH”

After Installation, Check it…

Step 5: Go to Start Menu (I am using Windows 10),
then Select “IDLE(Python 36 32 bit)” option / item…

Then Python shell/ Python IDE Opens…,
In this Python Shell/Editor you can type Python code and execute…


Go to Start Menu > Python 3.6 (32 bit),
(Select “Python 3.6 (32 bit)” Option)

Then It will opens the Python Console (Command window), here you can type Python code and execute.

Write Python code in a File and Execute…

Step 1: Launch a Text file / Notepad and write Python code in tat file ten save with .py extension (Example “”)…

Step 2: Launch Python Shell/Python IDE (Start Menu > IDLE Python 3.6 (32 bit)), in that Python Shell, go to File Menu, Select “Open”, then browse the path of the file, and Select,

Select your Python file (.py file), Select “Run” Menu > “Run Module F5″…
Then Python code will be executed…

Uninstall Python Software:

If you want to uninstall Python Software from your computer then select Python Software and double click, then it will show the following options

Repair Software
Modify Software
Uninstall Software, you select “Uninstall Software” option then it will be uninstalled from your computer…
Popular Computer Languages are,

1) Java

2) Python

3) JavaScript

4) SQL

5) C

6) C++

7) C#

8) PHP

9) Ruby etc…
Python Step by Step Tutorial

1) In Which sequence should We learn Python?

2) Introduction to Python

3) Download & Install Python

4) Variables and Data Types in Python

5) Python Operators

6) Python Conditional Statements

7) Python Loops…

8) String Handling in Python

9) Python Lists

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