How to Learn Python?

How to Learn Python?

In Which sequence should We learn Python?

Python is a General Purpose, Interpreter based, and Object-oriented Programming

Python is used for,

i. Web and Internet Development
ii. Scientific and Numeric
iii. Education
iv. Desktop GUIs
v. Software Development
Python is often used as a support language for software developers,

First Focus on Python Environment Setup (Download and Install Python…)

1) Python Language Fundamentals
i) Comments in Python
ii) Data Types
iii) Variables
iv) Operators
v) Conditional Statements
b) Loop Statements
c) Branching Statements
vi) Data structures: Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries…
vii) Functions
viii) Modules

2) Object Oriented Programming
i) Class & Method…
ii) Constructor and Destructor
iii) Inheritance
iv) Polymorphism
vi) Data Abstraction
vii) Encapsulation

3) String Handling
4) Exception Handling
5) Regular Expressions
6) Python IO Operations and File handling
7) Working with Databases
8) Multi Threading
9) Networking Programming
10) CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming
10) GUI Programming Etc…

You take any Computer programming language like C, C+, Java, Perl, Python, 80% concepts are same for example, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Conditional statements, Loop Statements., functions are common in every programming language, syntax may vary from one language to another.

Some concepts may vary from one language to another for example In C Language (Structured programming) we have Functions but no Methods, In Java language (Object Oriented programming) we have methods, and Functions in C are equivalent to Methods in Java.)
Python Step by Step Tutorial

1) In Which sequence should We learn Python?

2) Introduction to Python

3) Download & Install Python

4) Variables and Data Types in Python

5) Python Operators

6) Python Conditional Statements

7) Python Loops…

8) String Handling in Python

9) Python Lists

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