In Which sequence should We learn Java?

In Which sequence should We learn Java?

Java is a Programming Language as well as Software Platform,

Java has several editions, first you learn,
Java Standard Edition / Core Java,
Java Enterprise Edition / Advanced Java,

Using these editions we can develop,
1) Desktop Applications
2) Web Applications
3) Enterprise Applications
4) Scientific Applications etc…

First Learn Java Standard Edition or Core Java,

Focus on Java Environment Setup….

1) Java Language Fundamentals

i) Comments in Java
ii) Java Data Types
iii) Java Modifiers
iv) Java Operators
v) Java Control Flow
a) Conditional Statements
b) Loop Statements
c) Branching Statement
vi) Arrays, ArrayList in Java
vii) Java Methods
a) Predefined Methods
b) User defined Methods

2) Object Oriented Programming

i) Class & Method…
ii) Constructors
iii) Inheritance
iv) Polymorphism
v) Interface
vi) Abstraction
vii) Encapsulation

3) String Handling
4) Exception Handling
5) Java IO Operations and File handling
6) Multi Threading
7) Applets
8) Collection Framework in Java
9) Networking in Java
10) Inner Classes, Wrapper Classes
11) AWT, and Swings


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