Tell me about your Current Project?


Tell me about your Current Project?

It is a regular question for experienced people, and “project” is a general term, you can use this term irrespective of the industry, I am going to cover for
Information Technology, especially in Software Testing Orientation,

Suppose I am using Selenium for Automated Testing in my current project, if it is Manual Testing or Test Automation, Project explanation is almost common, if
Interviewer asks any supplementary questions then we can change some explanation, otherwise it is common…

Our Current project is Ecommerce- B2C (Business to Customer) Application, Online Shopping Application, It is a web application developed using LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL) technology…

And it has 2 Interfaces,

1) Admin Interface
2) User Interface
and Database Interface also…

Admin Interface for maintaining the application (ex: Enter Master Data, Edit,
and Delete Master Data, Tracking and Generating Reports…)

User Interface for performing specified business operations (ex: in my Application, Customer Registration, Login to Application, buy products etc..are important business operations…

Database interface is to store the data, and processing the data.

Admin User handles Admin Interface, and Guest users and Registered users use
User Interface…

I am Testing (Automated Testing (Functional & Regression Testing)) using Selenium,

Admin Module- in this module important functionalities are,
i) Login to Application Admin Interface,
ii) Add/Edit/Delete Manufacturer…


Manufacturer Add/Edit/Delete Products, Currencies, track data and generate their Reports…

Next generate Admin Reports…etc…,

> First we Selected maximum Test scenarios for Automation,

> Then using Selenium with Java conducting Test Automation or Automated Testing,

> Our team lead developed an Automation Framework with the help our team members, then we created Framework components, then build Test Cases…
For Example, Supplementary Questions from the Interviewer while I am Answering this Question,

i) What is Automation Framework?

Automation Framework is a set of guidelines, assumptions, and process to automate Software Testing process in an optimized way.

Selenium Interview Preparation

ii) How you Automated the Application using Selenium?

> Using Selenium WebDriver (Element Locators and WebDriver Commands) we created basic test steps.

> Using Java Programming we enhanced Test Cases (Ex: Inserting verification points, parameterization, exception handling, adding comments etc…)

> Using TestNG annotation we groped Test Cases, prioritized test cases, executed Test batches and generated Test Reports.

and also we used POM (page object model) it is a Selenium WebDriver feature, for centralized maintenance of web elements and optimizing the code.

We used Maven and Jenkins tools also …

iii) How many Test Cases/Test Scripts did you write in this Project?

Here, there is no measurement, writing Test Cases/test script depends on the project, you can answer it with an approximate number…

iv) Write Selenium Code for “Add Product” Functionality on this white Paper?

In this Answer, Interviewer observes your coding knowledge, no need to write the exact code but write correct logic…

Note: Sometimes Interview asks your project duration and current stage apart from your Job Responsibilities in your current Project.

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