Tell Me About Yourself?

Tell Me About Yourself?

It is a common interview question in any interview like Information Technology, Banking, Insurance, Telecom industries etc..

Usually Interview Questions are 2 types,

i) Subject related Interview Questions
ii) HR / General Interview Questions.

This “Tell Me About Yourself is not a Subject related question, It is general question, or HR Interview question.

In Interviews we need to Answer these two types of questions, Subject related and HR Interview Questions…

Tell Me About Yourself? It is common HR Interview Question Irrespective of the Job category…

And You might hear (various variants of “Tell Me About Yourself?”

> Tell me about yourself?
> Tell us a little about yourself?
> Tell something about yourself?
> Say something about yourself?
> Describe yourself in three to five words?
> What would you like me to know about you?

But what are they really asking?

Tell me about yourself as a professional…

It is suggested to answer this question in 5 to 6 sentences, not in too detail, Start with your name, place of stay, next your highest educational qualification, and forth would be summary of your skills and experience, and fifth would be your important qualities that are relevant to the Job.

Note: If you are a Fresher, then you start with you name, place of stay, Your educational qualification in detail, and summary of your skills…


My name is Gedi Chandra Mohan Reddy, I stay in Hyderabad, I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering with specialization in Information technology, Overall I have 5 years of experience as a Software Tester, conducted Manual testing, as well as Automated Testing using UFT, and Selenium also, and I have little bit experience in Mobile Testing.

This answer is enough to introduce yourself, anyhow they get your information from your resume, and while answering this question or after answering this question you may face some other general/HR questions like,

What is your strength?

What is your weakness?

and why you are looking for a change? etc..answer those questions confidently…

HR Interview Questions

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