Impact of Automation on IT Jobs

Impact of Automation on IT Jobs

1) What is Automation?
2) Software Automation
3) Industrial Automation
4) Impact of Automation on IT Jobs

1) What is Automation?

> Automation means using computer software, machines or other technology to carry out a task which would otherwise be done by a human worker.

> Industrial Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Test Automation are the differnt types of Automation…

> A lot of industries are talking about automation at the moment. Terms like Business Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, adaptive automation and test automation are all over the place.

2) Software Automation

> Most of the information on automation that you can find online is about software automation. This involves using software to carry out tasks which humans usually do when they are using computer programs.

> For example, GUI test automation is a way to test computer programs. It involves recording the actions of a human while they are using a graphical user interface. These actions are then replayed to autonomously test the program after changes have been made to the underlying software.

Other types of software automation include:

> Business Process Automation (BPA) — This is a high-level strategy to streamline business processes. It involves formalizing all processes within the business and then integrating them into automation software.

> Implementing BPA can involve dramatically restructuring the business.

> Robotic Process Automation (RPA) — Despite its name, RPA has nothing at all to do with physical robots. It refers to “software robots” which are programmed to use computer programs in the same way as a human operator would.

> They don’t necessarily complete tasks in the most efficient way, but they are easier to integrate into the existing business processes.

> Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) — This is an extension of RPA which uses artificial intelligence to learn how humans perform tasks when using a computer program. This allows the “software robots” to perform more intelligently than with the static rules used in RPA.

Impact of Automation on IT Jobs

3) Industrial Automation

> When we talk about “automation and robotics”, we are usually referring to industrial automation.

> Industrial automation is all about controlling physical processes. It involves using physical machines and control systems to automate tasks within an industrial process. A fully autonomous factory is the extreme example.

4) Impact of Automation on IT Jobs

> The landscape of the nearly 160 billion US dollars Indian IT industry is changing, perhaps more quickly than ever, as companies hire fewer freshers due to automation of entry-level jobs.

> Most large IT services companies have been investing in automation of processes in their traditional businesses like business process outsourcing (BPO) and application and infrastructure management, which means fewer engineers will be required at the lower end of the pyramid.

> And with US President Donald Trump insisting that IT service providers to hire more US citizens at home, the need to send Indian experts abroad may reduce.

> IT biggies are open about the fact that recruitment of the hundreds of graduates from Indian engineering colleges has reduced as they automate.

> The focus the industry had on hiring will shift into re-skilling. The entire industry is hiring fewer freshers. Given the macro environment, people are hiring more onsite. Jobs at the bottom of the pyramid are getting automated.

> Re-skilling is a challenge. People who cannot re-skill will be under personal pressure and it will be a matter of survival for them

> Automation has been changing every sector and putting the squeeze on people, and it’s now the turn of IT. “If you consider the various jobs that any industry has, it is likely that repetitive tasks that can be performed better by systems with artificial intelligence are the jobs that will go away,

> Seven out of 10 corporate executives say they are making significantly more investments in artificial intelligence (AI) than just two years ago

> India would see the biggest impact on jobs due to automation, Infosys Ex CEO Vishal Sikka said.

> A US-based research firm is predicting that India’s IT services industry will lose 6.4 lakh “low-skilled” jobs to automation in the next five years

> By 2021, HfS Research said that the IT industry worldwide would see a net decrease of 9% in headcount, or about 1.4 million jobs, with countries like the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States also taking hits.

> The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) said that the report may not have taken into account all the jobs being created by newer technologies.

Final: Some jobs may be impacted by Automation, but new technologies will create new jobs, try to update and one more thing, right persons will have jobs in any market conditions…

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