Introduction to Selenium Frameworks

Selenium Test Automation Frameworks – Introduction

1) What is Framework?

> Framework has several meanings; they vary from one scenario to another

Scenario 1:
> Selenium is a Testing Framework to conduct Functional Testing

> Appium is a Testing Framework to conduct to conduct Mobile Testing

Testing Framework – Test Tool – To Conduct Testing

In this Scenario, Testing Framework means Test Tool.

Scenario 2:
> Either JUnit or TestNG Testing Framework can be used with Selenium if we use Java as Programming Language,

In this scenario, Testing Framework is Standard Framework – To overcome limitations of Selenium/Test Tool

Scenario 3:
> Suppose In my current project, we are using keyword Driven Framework or Hybrid Framework…

In this Scenario, Automation Framework is Third party Framework to optimize the Automated Testing Process…

Introduction to test automation frameworks

2) What is Test Automation Framework?

> In the software testing, automation frameworks are considered to be of critical importance, especially when you are involved in automation testing. `

> In technical terms, automation framework is a set of guidelines, which comprises of coding standards, structure of app code and app data folders, test results storage, accessing external resources and shared object repositories etc.

3) Advantages of Test Automation Framework….

i) Reusability of code
(includes object repoisitories and Application Functionalities)

ii) Data Parameterization is a part of the automation framework.

iii) Appropriate error handling process

iv) Maximum Test Coverage

v) If one test script fails, test execution won’t sytopped, other test scripts will be executed continouly,

vi) Test results should be logged into a separate log file and should be fairly easy to understand.

vii) Minimal manual intervention and Easy Reporting

viii)Easy Maintanence of Code

4) Types of Automation Frameworks…

> There are different types of Automation Frameworks available now days.

> These frameworks may differ from each other based on their support to different key factors to do automation like reusability, ease of maintenance etc.

> Automation Frameworks names are local, you can use your own name if develop any framework as your own, anyhow some common names available in the industry,

Most popularly used Test Automation Frameworks are,

i) Module Based Testing Framework
ii) Data Driven Testing Framework
iii) Keyword Driven Testing Framework
iv) Hybrid Testing Framework
v) Behavior Driven Development Framework

Note: You can follow any one of those Frameworks for your project, and usage of Frameworks may vary from one company to another, but if you familiar with Framework then you can easily cope up with other type of Frameworks.

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