Web Application Testing Checklist

Web Application Testing Checklist

Software Test Types to be conducted on Web Applications,
1) Usability Testing
2) Functional Testing
3) Database Testing
4) Compatibility Testing
5) Security Testing
6) Performance Testing

1) Usability Testing:

> Usability Testing is nothing but the Checking User-friendliness of the System, Basically, System Navigation, Alignment of Elements, Tool tips and conformation messages are checked in Usability Testing.

Important Test Scenarios:

i) Web page content should be correct without any spelling and grammatical errors.
ii) Navigation for each operation should be simple and easy
iii) All fonts should be same as per the requirements.
iv) All the fields should be properly aligned.
v) Home link should be there on every single page.
vi) Confirmation message should be displayed for any kind of update and delete operation.
vii) Check the site on different screen resolutions

Note: We can conduct Usability Testing manually (Manual Testing) and Automated Testing is not possible for Usability Testing (Test Tools can’t judge User-friendliness of System, Human user only can judge Look and Feel aspects.)

2) Functional Testing:

> Functional testing verifies that each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement specification.

Important Test Scenarios:

i) Check the URL/s of Admin and User Interfaces
ii) Check the Elements in every page
iii) Check all Forms in every
iv) Check all Elements/objects/fields in every form
v) Check for order of Functionalities
vi) Check for meaningful Tool tips and Error Messages
vii) Delete functionality’ for any record on a page should ask for a confirmation.
viii) Reset button functionality should set default values for all fields.
ix) Test the Login Functionality (If available)
x) Test the Login locking functionality
xi) Test the timeout functionality.

Note: We can conduct Functional testing manually (Manual Testing) or Automated testing or Test Automation (using any Test tool like UFT or Selenium or RFT or SilkTest….), so Functional Testing can be done in two ways,
i) Manual Testing
ii) Automated Testing or Test Automation

3) Database Testing

> Database Testing is a subset of Functional Testing, in which Data Validations, Data Manipulations (add, update and delete), Data Integrity and Data Comparison are verified.

Important Test Scenarios:

i) Check if correct data is getting saved in the database upon successful form submit.
ii) Check values for columns which are not accepting null values.
iii) Check for data integrity. Data should be stored in single or multiple tables based on the design.
iv) Tables should have a primary key column.
v) For every database add/update operation log should be added.
vi) Required table indexes should be created.
vii) Data should be rolled back in case of failed transactions.
viii) Verify the Triggers.
ix) Verify the encrypted data in the database.
x) Verify data import and export

Note: Database Testing is subset of Functional Testing and it can be conducted Manually (Manual Testing) or Automated Testing (using any Functional Test Tool like UFT or Selenium or Silk Performer or RFT).

4) Compatibility Testing
5) Security Testing

Web Application Testing Checklist

6) Performance Testing

> Performance Testing is conducted to verify a system or component with specified performance requirements.

Important Test Scenarios:

i) Verify the performance, stability and scalability of an application under different load conditions.
ii) Verify if the current architecture can support the application at peak user levels.
iii) Identify the best performance level.
iv) Verify application and infrastructure bottlenecks.
v) Verify the performance of a system under low and high valume of data…

Note: Manual Testing is impractical to conduct Performance Testing, so we have to conduct Automated Testing or Test Automation using any Software Test Tool like JMeter or LoadRunner or Silk Performer or IBM RPT etc…

Popular Performance Test Tools:
i) Apache JMeter (Open Source)
ii) Micro Focus – LoadRunner
iii) Silk Performer.
iv) IBM-RFT (Rational Performance Tester)

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