Real Time Scenarios in Software Testing

Real Time Scenarios in Software Testing (Manual and Automated Testing)

1) Automated Test Case Scope is High than Manual Test Case

Generally, in a Manual Test Case we insert/use one or two verification points only, because human user can’t concentrate on multiple verification points at a time during Test Execution.

In an Automated Test Case/Test Script we can insert multiple verification points, Test Tool can concentrate on multiple verification points at a time during Test Execution, because Test Tool is Software, It can concentrate on multiple tasks at a time.

So Automated Test Cases / Test Scripts scope is high than Manual Test Cases, Suppose if you want to automate 100 Manual Test Cases, 100 Automated Tests are not required using a few Automated Tests you can automated those Manual Test Cases.

2) Test Data is not mandatory for every Test Case

Input or Test Data is required for some Test Cases only, not required for all Test Cases, for ex: if you want to execute Login Test case, for that Login credentials (Username, Password) are required, Suppose you want verify particular element existence in a web page, for that no input is required.

3) Prepare Expected Test Result

Generally we prepared Expected Result for Test cases using our Requirements, but if an expected result is related to Application design then we need to collect that expected result from Developers

i) After successful login to our application then we get some conformation message
ii) After performing an operation then we can get some web page

Note: We have to collect those Conformation messages, web page urls from Developers.

4) Conduct Positive and Negative Testing

Completeness of Software Testing is Positive Testing and Negative Testing, we use valid input to conduct Positive Testing and invalid input for Negative Testing, suppose if there is no Test Data/Input for our Test Case then how to conduct Negative Testing? by using incorrect Expected Result we can conduct Negative Testing for those Test Cases.

5) Negative Testing is bigger than Positive Testing

We already disused that Completeness of Software Testing is Positive and Negative Testing, Suppose for valid input and operations our application is working fine, but what about handling the invalid input and invalid operations. It has to accept valid input and operations and prevent invalid and input and operations.

Generally Only one positive scenario for every functionality but multiple negative scenarios….
Example: Login Functionality
Valid Username and Valid password -Positive Scenario

Valid Username and Invalid Password -Negative Scenario-1
Invalid Username and Valid Password -Negative Scenario-2
Valid Username and Password Blank -Negative Scenario-3
Username Blank and Valid Password -Negative Scenario-4
Invalid Username and Invalid Password -Negative Scenario-5
Username Blank and Password Blank -Negative Scenario-6

Real Time Scenarios in Software Testing

Real Time Scenarios in Software Testing

So Negative Testing is bigger than Positive Testing, We use Data Driven Testing for covering both Positive and Negative Testing, but we conduct Data Driven Testing for some important functionalities only, not for all.

6) Writing Exception Handling Code

We write Exception handling code in Automated Tests/Test Scripts in order to handle Run-time errors, generally pass or fail is the result status for a test case or test script but some times Automated Test shows Run-time errors, for error handling code is required.

How we know that Exceptions? by conducting dry runs (Sample Test Runs) we can locate Run Time Errors.

7) Dynamic Test Data

Generally we prepare Input / Test Data for Executing Test Cases,
Customer Registration Functionality,
Customer Name, Address, Email, Phone etc…details

Login Functionality:
Username, Password

But for some fields we can’t prepare the Test data before the Test Execution, during Test execution only we can prepare Test Data for some fields (Ex: Captcha (verification code).

Note: Nowadays we can find captcha fields in most of the account creating functionalities

8) Software Retirement

We Software Testers not always conduct Software Testing on new Applications, some times we conduct Testing on maintenance Applications, actually in the IT Industry 40% Software Applications only new applications remaining are maintenance applications.

In Software Maintanence, we have two important categories,
i) Software Modifications
(Modifiing existing Software with new interface and some new features)

ii) Software Retirement
(Removing the old System and developing new system for same purpose /business operations, Ex: Desktop Application to Web Application etc…)

Note: In future we most of the time conduct Testing on Maintenance Applications

9) Update Test Case Template

Test Case Template may vary from One company to another, some times one project to another also, suppose short template for general projects and length template for complex projects like Financial etc…

As a Senior Test Engineer, you need to involve in this Updating Test case template depends on scope of the project. If we follow Manual Testing process then we can update our company prescribed format(excel sheet) or if we are using any Test Tool for Test management then we can customize the Tool Test case template according to our project.

10) Writing Automated Tests

We need to follow Coding standards and guideline to write Automated Tests/Test Scripts, In Computer Programming more than one way to achieve any task, select simple way to write programs and must follow readability of program even though code size is increased.


(a>b) -It is positive condition and easy to understand, but instead of this condition you can also write (b<a) or (! a<b) like conditions, but they are not simple to understand, so for identifying & writing verification points  in Selenium or UFT try to follow guidelines.

11) Email Field Verification

> We have Email field verification in most of the Registration forms, some applications check email format only, but some applications send conformation mail to our email and get our conformation


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