Sikuli Integration with Selenium

Sikuli Integration with Selenium WebDriver

1) What is Sikuli?

> Sikuli is an open source tool to automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using “Visual Image Match” method. In Sikuli, all the web elements should be taken as an image and stored inside the project.

> Sikuli can be very much useful to automate flash objects (which do not have ID or name). It can be useful in the situation, where we have a stable GUI (i.e. GUI components not changing).

2) Advantages of Sikuli Graphical User Interface Tool:

> It is an open source tool for GUI Test Automation and It can be used on any platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Etc…

> It can be easily integrate with Selenium and other tools as well, it can automate Desktop/Windows based applications.

> Sikuli can easily automate Flash objects.

> Sikuli allows us to automate anything we see on the screen.

3) Sikuli Setup for Selenium

You know, Selenium supports Web Applications only for Automation, if we integrate Sikuli with Selenium, then we can automate Desktop or Windows based Applications. And Selenium can’t automate Flash objects in web pages, using sikuli integration we can automate flash objects.

> Download Sikuli jars from web site

> Add Sikuli jar to your project in Eclipse IDE, then we can start writing selenium/sikuli scripts.

> We can use some Sikuli classes that we will get once we add sikuli jars to the project.

1-Screen – This is a class, which will focus on the screen.

2- Pattern- This is another class, which will focus on images.

Sikuli Integration with Selenium WebDriver
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