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Software Testing Job Responsibilities

> Understanding and Analyzing Software Test Requirements
> Risk Analysis
> Software Test Planning
> Software Test Design & Development (Derive Test Scenarios, Document Test Cases and Collect Test Data)
> Software Test Environment Setup
> Software Test Execution (Sanity Testing, Comprehensive Testing, Re & Regression…)
> Software Test Cycle Closure.

Getting Software Testing Job:

> First Focus on Software Testing Subjects such as Manual Testing, Selenium, SQL and UNIX Operating Environment.

> If you want to try for Software Testing Job as a fresher then focus on Soft Skills and Hard Skills, and for experienced focus on Software Testing Subjects and related topics.

> Create Your Resume with Career Objective, Professional/Skill Summary, Academic Details, Software Testing Certifications if any, Projects information and Personal Details.

Manual Testing Concepts:

1) Software Development Life Cycle Models (Waterfall Model, V Model, and Agile Development Models)

2) Software Test Types (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing)

3) Software Test Types (Functional Testing, Non Functional Testing, Structural Testing, Re & Regression Testing)

4) Software Test Design Techniques

5) Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle

6) Software Testing Standards

Automated Testing using Selenium:

1) Programming Fundamentals

2) Web Elements and Operations on the Web Elements

3) Element Locators

4) Selenium WebDriver API Commands

5) Writing Selenium Test Cases

6) Batch Testing, Data Driven Testing, Cross Browser Testing and Database Testing

7) Testing Framework

8) Maven, Jenkins and others Integration with Selenium

9) Selenium Automation Framework Design & Implementation.

Software Testing Videos (Manual Testing, Selenium, UFT/QTP, Live Project, Java, SQL, Python, VBScript, and FAQ)

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1) Selenium Step by Step Videos

2) Selenium Latest Videos

3) Selenium Quick Videos

4) Manual Testing Videos

5) UFT/QTP Videos

6) Java Videos

7) SQL Videos

8) Python Videos

9) Career Guidance

10) Introductions

12) Selenium Live Project

13) VBScript for UFT/QTP

14) Software Testing Interview Questions

15) Software Testing Practical

16) Selenium Detailed Videos

17) Health and Fitness Videos

18) TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium

19) Selenium Tutorials for Beginners…

20) Selenium Real Time Project…

21) Robotic Process Automation…

22) Selenium WebDriver Tutorials

23) Selenium 2018 Training Videos

24) Selenium Hybrid Framework

25) Selenium Training Videos (New Batch, June 2018)

26) Software Lessons

Selenium Latest Batch (2018) Videos and Class Notes (watch the Videos, read class notes and Practice more, enough to get Selenium Job)

Selenium New Batch Videos (Weekend Batch)

Selenium Week 10 Sunday – Selenium Hybrid Framework

(Automated Testing using Selenium, Introduction to Automation Framework in Test Automation, Test Automation Frameworks, Modular Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework, Page object Model Framework and Hybrid Framework. Selenium Automation Framework Design and Implementation, Creating Test Automation Resources like Object Repositories, Customized Commands, Reusable Functions, Test Data, and Driver Script etc, Creating Selenium Test Cases using Test Automation Resources, Modify Test Cases, Execute Test Cases and Generate Test Reports.)

Selenium Week 10 Saturday – Selenium Project

Selenium Week 9 Sunday – TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium Part-2

Selenium Week 9 Saturday – TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium

Selenium Week 8 Sunday – Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2

Selenium Week 8 Saturday – Writing Selenium Test Cases

Selenium Week 7 Sunday – Selenium WebDriver Part 4

Selenium Week 7 Saturday – Selenium WebDriver Part 3

Selenium Week 6 Sunday – Selenium WebDriver Part 2

Selenium Week 6 Saturday – Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

Selenium Week 5 Sunday – Java for Selenium Part-5

Selenium Week 4 Sunday – Java for Selenium Part-4

Selenium Week 4 – Saturday – Java for Selenium Part-3

Selenium Week 3 Saturday – Java Control Flow, String Handling and Arrays

Selenium Week 2 – Sunday: Java Comments, Modifiers, Data Types, Variables and Operators.

Selenium Week 2 – Saturday – Java for Selenium

Selenium Week 1 – Sunday – Selenium Test Life Cycle, Java Programming for Selenium.

(Selenium Test Life Cycle, Selenium Test Planning, Selenium Test Design, Selenium Test Execution and Selenium Test Closure. Java Programming for Selenium, Java Comments, Java Data Types, Java Variables, Java Operators, Java Control Flow Statements, String Handling in Java, Java Arrays, Java Methods, Exception handling in Java, Java OOPS,)

Selenium Week 1 – Saturday – Introduction to Selenium, Software Test Life Cycle.

(What is Selenium?, History of Selenium Project, Selenium Components, Selenium License, Selenium Integration with Other Tools, Selenium License, Advantages & Drawbacks of Selenium, Selenium vs. UFT and Selenium Environment Setup. Software Test Life Cycle, Software Test Planning, Software Test Design, Software Test Execution and Software Test Closure.)

Note: No Classes in the 3rd Week Sunday and 5th Week Saturday.

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