Selenium Online Training

Selenium Online Training
Selenium Online Training

Video 1 – Introduction to Selenium, Software Test Life Cycle

(What is Selenium?, History of Selenium Project, Selenium Components, Selenium License, Selenium Integration with Other Tools, Selenium License, Advantages & Drawbacks of Selenium, Selenium vs. UFT and Selenium Environment Setup. )

Video 2 – Selenium Test Life Cycle, Java for Selenium

(Selenium Test Life Cycle, Selenium Test Planning, Selenium Test Design, Selenium Test Execution and Selenium Test Closure.
Java Programming for Selenium, Java Comments, Java Data Types, Java Variables, Java Operators, Java Control Flow Statements, String Handling in Java, Java Arrays, Java Methods, Exception handling in Java, Java OOPS.)

Video 3 – Java Programming for Selenium

(Automated Testing using Selenium, Java Environment Setup & write first Java Program, Java Syntax and Java Program Structure with an Example. Core Java Language Elements like Variables, Data Types, Operators, Control Flow, String handling, Arrays, methods and exception handling.)

Video 4 – Java Comments, Modifiers, Data Types, Variables and Operators.

(Java Programming for Selenium, Java Comments, Java Modifiers, Java Data Types, Java Variables and Java Operators. Java Access and Non access Modifiers, Java Primitive and Non primitive Data Types, Java Local, Instance and static variables, and Java Arithmetic, Comparison and Logical Operators.)

Video 5 – Java Control Flow, String Handling and Arrays

(Java for Selenium, Java Control Flow Statements, Java Decision Making or Conditional Statements, Java loop Statements, Java Branching Statements, String Handling in Java and Java Arrays.
Java if statement, Java Switch statement, Java else if stature and Java nested if Structure.
Java for loop, Java while loop,Java do while loop, and Java enhanced for loop.)

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