Test Environment for Software Testing

Software Test Environment Setup is an important phase of Software Test Life Cycle and it is required for both Manual and Automated Testing.

Nowadays we have different levels of Testing, Test Environment is required for every Test Level, here important Test Level is System Testing Level,

System Test Level point of view, Test Lead or Test Manager defines Test Environment, Tech Support People/System Admins implement Test Environment and Testers/Team Members verify Test Environment setup.

  1. What is a Test Environment?
  2. What is Test Bed in Software Testing?
  3. List of things require in Setting up the Test Environment.
  4. People are involved in test environment setup
  5. Process of Software Test environment setup
  6. Test Environment Management
  7. Challenges in Test Environment Management

1)What is a Test Environment?

Test Environment consists of software, hardware and network configured to support test execution. Test environment configuration must mimic the production environment.

2)What is Test Bed in Software Testing?

Test Environment is also known by the name of Test Bed with a small difference. Test bed is a test environment that comes along with the test data to verify and validate the functionalities of the software application.

3)List of things require in Setting up the Test Environment.

  • Software product, on which testing needs to be performed.
  • Operating system, Testing Server and Database.
  • Test Data and Data configuration.
  • Network connectivity and configuration.
  • Hardware devices such as machines or PCs.
  • Test Framework and tools like automation tools and debugging tools.
  • Licensing.
  • Third party software or other software for user purpose.
  • Interfaces between the system and applications.
  • Specific devices such as simulators.
  • Documentation such as user manual, etc.
  • Knowledge of customer’s and business requirements.

4) People are involved in test environment setup

  • System Admins,
  • Developers
  • Testers

5) Process of Software Test environment setup

The test environment requires setting up of various number of distinct areas like,

a. Setup of Test Server

Every test may not be executed on a local machine. It may need establishing a test server, which can support applications.

b. Network

Network set up as per the test requirement. It includes,

Internet setup
LAN setup
Private network setup

c. Test PC setup

For web testing, you may need to set up different browsers for different testers. For desktop applications, you need various types of OS for different testers PCs.

d. Bug Reporting

Bug reporting tools should be provided to testers.

e. Test Tool

If it is Automated Testing then Test Tool and other Supported software for Test Automation

6) Test Environment Management

  • Maintaining a central repository of test-environments in scope with their latest version and connectivity details.
  • Allocation of test environments to teams as per requirement.
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Deleting/ updating outdated test-environments and its details
  • Preliminary investigation of issues on the environment and sometimes co-ordination till an issue resolution
  • Status accounting to report on service, usage, and availability metrics to provide full transparency into test environment management activities
  • Continuous Improvement to continuously evaluate test environment.
  • Automation to eliminate manual tasks as much as possible to improve efficiency

7) Challenges in Test Environment Management

  • Inappropriate and inefficient management and utilization of test resources may lead to deviation in the outcomes of the testing process.
  • Remotely set up test environment(s) across different geographical region(s) is complex and difficult to use, control and manage.
  • Sharing of test environment by the developers and the testers simultaneously may pose serious impact to test results.
Test Environment
Software Test Environment Setup

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