Writing Selenium Test Cases

Selenium Tutorial
Selenium WebDriver Test Cases

Interview Questions on Writing Selenium Test Cases

1) What is Selenium Test Environment Setup?

2) Why Selenium Test Environment?

3) How to Setup Selenium Test Environment?

4) What are the Prerequisites to Write Selenium Test Cases?

5) How to conduct Selenium Batch Testing?

6) How to conduct Selenium Cross Browser Testing?

7) How to conduct Selenium Data Driven Testing?

8) When to provide Exception handling code for Selenium Test Cases?

9) When to insert Synchronization Points in Selenium Test Cases?

10) How to conduct Database Testing using Selenium?

11) How to create Object Repositories in Selenium Test Cases?

12) How to define Test Results in Selenium Test Cases?

13) What is Dry Run of Test Cases?

14) How to organize Test Automation Resources?

15) How we derive Selenium Test Cases?

16) How to Write Positive and Negative Test Cases?

17) Is Test Data or Input required for Every Test Case?

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