Features of Java Language

Features of Java Language, Java is an Object oriented Programming Language, Java is a Platform independent language, and Java is a general purpose high level programming language.

Features of Java Programming…

1) Java is a general purpose programming language,

Java is used to develop various software applications like desktop applications, web applications, distributed applications, mobile applications, and embedded systems etc…

2) Java is a high level programming language, 

Programming languages use compiler or interpreter to communicated with machine/computer are high level programming languages.

Java code doesn’t understand by machine or java doesn’t connect with machine directly. Compiler or interpreter converts high level code into machine understandable instructions.

3) Java is a simple programming language,

Java is very easy to learn, and its syntax is simple, clean and easy to understand.

Java syntax based on C++, and It has removed many complicated and rarely-used features, and Java has automatic garbage collection feature.

4) Java is an object oriented programming language,

Object-oriented programming has several advantages over procedural programming:

Object-oriented programming is faster and easier to execute, provides a clear structure for the programs, and makes the code easier to maintain, modify and debug.

Object-oriented programming makes it possible to create full reusable applications with less code and shorter development time.

5) Java is platform independent language,

Platform independent language means once compiled you can execute the program on any platform (OS).

Java is platform independent. Because the Java compiler converts the source code to bytecode, which is Intermidiate Language. Bytecode can be executed on any platform (OS) using JVM( Java Virtual Machine).

Write once, run anywhere (WORA), is a slogan created by Sun Microsystems to illustrate the cross-platform benefits of the Java language.

6) Java is a secured programming language,

With more secure features Java enables us to develop virus free, temper free system. Java program always runs in Java run-time environment with almost null interaction with system OS, hence it is more secure.

7) Java is portable language,

Java is portable because it facilitates you to carry the Java bytecode to any platform. It doesn’t require any implementation.

8) Java is distributed,

Java is distributed because it facilitates users to create distributed applications in Java. RMI and EJB are used for creating distributed applications.

A distributed system allows resource sharing, Java makes us able to access files by calling the methods from any machine on the internet.

9) Java is a dynamic language,

Java is considered as Dynamic because of Byte code [a class file]. A source code written in one platform, that can be executed in any platform. And it also loads the class files at run time. Anything that happens at run time is considered as Dynamic.

10) Java is architecture neutral,

Java compiler generates an architecture-neutral object file format, the compiled code is executable on many processors, given the presence of the Java run-time system. This is useful not only for networks but also for single system software distribution.

11) Java is robust language,

Robust simply means strong, Java is robust because it uses strong memory management, avoids security problems, and it has automatic garbage collection etc,

12) Java supports multi threading,

The ability to execute several programs simultaneously is called Multitasking. In system’s terminology is called as Multithreading. Here the main program is divided into two or more subprograms (processes) which can be implemented at the same time parallel.

13) Java compiled and interpreted language,

JAVA is both compiled and interpreted language. The source code in JAVA program is compiled to byte code (instead of native machine code as we see in C/C++ or other languages). At run time, JVM interprets the byte code and executes them.

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