What are the minimum Java topics required for Selenium?

Selenium is a Test Tool for Functional Testing of Web applications, and it supports various programming languages like java, Python, C#.NET, Perl, Ruby and PHP. Most of the Selenium testers using Java programming for writing Selenium Test Script, So try to learn Java for Selenium.

Java has various platforms to develop software applications,

Java Standard Edition / Core Java

Java Enterprise Edition / Advanced Java

Java Micro Edition


Java Standard Edition or Core Java is enough for Automated Testing with Selenium, and Advanced Java is not required.

All concepts are not required in Java Standard Edition or Core Java also,

Then, What are the minimum Java topics required for Selenium? 

Using Java (Standard Edition / Core Java), we can develop Desktop Software Applications (Application GUI and Functionality), Desktop Software Application GUI components can be developed using Java AWT, Swing etc….

For Writing Automated Test scripts GUI development features are not required, Functionality development features are enough, So focus on Core Java “Functionality” Development features.

You first focus on “Java Programming Environment”

(Download & Install JDK, Set Java Environment variable, Download & extract Eclipse IDE Software.)

Java Basic Syntax,

Java Language Fundamentals

Writing Comments,

Declare & Use Variables with Data Types

Expressions, Operators

Control Flow (Decision Making, Loop)

Java Object Oriented Concepts

Create & Use Objects

Create & Call methods


Special Concepts

Strings, Arrays

Java IO & File Handling

Exception handling


Java Networking, Java Abstraction, Interfaces, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation etc..concepts are not required for Selenium.

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Java Programming for Selenium
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