Types of Errors in Computer Programming

Software Programming Languages

Types of Errors in Computer Programming, Syntax Errors, Run-time errors, and program logical errors. Debugging, and exception handling in programming.code.

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Types of Software Programming Errors

We have various programming languages to develop software applications, some are procedural languages, some are object oriented programming languages, and some other type languages also.

Example for Programming languages:














Note: Python, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, VBScript, Ruby are light weight (scripting) languages, these are not useful for Software application development,  and these to automate the execution of tasks.

SQL – Structured Query language is Database Language to perform operations on Databases, It is command based language, and no control flow statements in SQL.

HTML and XML are markup languages, used for web, and these are tag based languages.

We write and run/execute programs using C or C++ or Java or Python etc languages. To write software programs we have syntax rules, programming standards, and logical things.

Programming syntax varies from one language to another, but purpose of programming is almost common in every programming language.

We have different type of errors in computer programming, and they need to be solved in order to get the desired output from the programs.

Basically we have two types of programming errors:

1) Compile time Errors: syntax errors and static semantic errors indicated by the compiler.

2) Run-time Errors: dynamic semantic errors, and logical errors, that cannot be detected by the compiler

Syntax Errors

int a=100 //Enter semicolon at end of the statement/step/instruction
int b=10.2; //Incorrect Value Assignment
intc=200; //No space after the Java Keyword
int x=123;

Note: If you have any syntax errors in your program then it will show the message, and solve the errors, otherwise you will get compilation problem

Run Time Errors

int a=10;
int b=0;
int c=a/b; //Run Time Error

Note: using Exception handling code we can fix Run Time Errors

Logical Errors

int i=1;

while ((i<=10) && (i!=3) && (i!=8)){

Note: Read the Logigic and Change it

Human Errors

int amount=10000;
int interest=7;

int Total=amount*interest/100;


Note: Debug the program, and Locate the error


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