Programming Knowledge for Software Testers

Programming Knowledge for Software Testers

Programming, Software Programming, yes nowadays programming is not only for computer software, also for Mobile software, basically programming is for software development, it is the primary purpose of the programming, but other purposes also there, one of those purposes is Software Testing.

When Programming knowledge is useful to tester:

1) While creating automation tests
2) While performing white box testing
3) While dealing with SQL commands

Software Testing is conducted in two ways, one is traditional Manual Testing, and another is Automated Testing or Test Automation. No programming knowledge is required for Manual Testing, but programming knowledge is required for Automated Testing.

Important tasks in Manual Testing are,

1) Understanding and Analysing Requirements
2) Documenting Test Cases
3) Executing Test cases
4) Reporting Defects
5) Tracking Defects, Confirmation, and Closing defects.

No programming knowledge is required to do the above tasks, Understanding, Analysing, Documentation, Reasoning, Reporting etc, skills only enough for Manual Testing.

Programming Knowledge is required for Automated Testing or Test Automation, we have several types of Automated Testing, in which popular types are,

Automated Functional Testing
Automated Performance Testing
Automated Mobile Testing
Automated Web Services Testing
Test Management etc….

Automated Functional Testing is a big area in the Automated Testing, and most of the companies use Test Tools for this area even though it can be performed Manually. Famous Test Tools for Functional Testing are, Selenium, UFT, RFT etc, all these tools use programming to write test scripts.

For Example, Selenium supports Java, Python, C#, Ruby etc, languages, and Tester has to use any one of those languages to write Selenium Test cases. UFT supports VBScript to write Test scripts, and RFT supports Java or VB.NET to write Test Scripts.

Irrespective of the Test tool, programming knowledge is mandatory for Automated Functional Testing. You have to learn the programming language based on your test tool requirement. No problem, it is very easy to learn a programming language if follow some guidelines.

If you learn any one programming language, then it is easy to learn other programming languages.

Next, Automated performance testing, JMeter and LoadRunner are the popular performance test tool, and programming is limited use in these performance test tools.

Next, Automated Mobile Testing, programming knowledge is required for Mobile Test Tools like Appium, Appium uses Java, Python, Ruby etc, language to write Test test scripts.

Next, Automated Web services testing, programming is limited use in these web services test tools like SoapUI etc,

Next, Test Management, programming knowledge is not required for Test management. In Test Management tools like ALM, Jira etc, only documentation, mapping, and reporting. In case of defect management tools like Bugzilla or Mantis also no programming is required, only documentation and reporting.

Test Management tools support Requirements management, Test case development, Test execution, Defect management etc, where as Defect Management tools support Defect management only, final defect Management is part of Test management.

Best Programming Languages for Testers:

1) Java – Java is used with Selenium Tool for Functional & Regression Testing, with RFT for Functional & Regression Testing, with Appium for Mobile Testing, and indirect use for JMeter and SoapUI…

2) Python – Python is used with Selenium, with Appium etc, test tools.

Final, In Automated Functional and Regression Testing, and Mobile Testing, programming knowledge is mandatory, and these two are the important areas in the Automated Testing.

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