Important things in Selenium

Important things in Selenium

Important things in Selenium, Web Elements or HTML Elements, Actions on the web elements, inspecting elements, locating elements, and Selenium WebDriver methods.

selenium tutorial

Selenium Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners.

Handling Elements in Selenium

i. Web Elements and actions on the Elements
ii. Inspect Elements and get Element Locators
iii. Selenium WebDriver Methods
iv. Programming concepts

i. Web Elements and actions on the Elements


1. Link – It Redirects…
2. Edit box – It takes user input
3. Button – It submits
4. Text Box – It takes user input
5. Text Area – It takes user input
6. Text / Content – It is for Reading and Capturing (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, and para…)
7. Image – Watch,
8. Image Link – It Redirects…
9. Image Button – It submits
10. Dropdown box – Selects an Item
11. List Box – Selects one or more items
12. Combo box – Dropdown box + Edit box – Selects an item or enter a new item
13. Radio Button – Selects an option
14. Checkbox – Check/Uncheck an option
15. Web Table / HTML Table – Displays data with tabular format
16. Frame – It segregates a web page

Date picker
Mouse hover
Inline Elements


ii. Inspect Elements and get Element Locators

We inspect Elements using browser/s built-in features(developer tools)

Element locators in Selenium for locating elements

1. id()
2. name()
3. className()
4. tagName()
5. linkText()
6. parialLinkText()
7. cssSelect
8. xpath

iii. Selenium WebDriver Methods

Selenium WebDriver commands or methods for performing actions on web elements.

1. get(arg/url)
2. getTitle()
3. getCurrentUrl()
4. close()
5. quit()

6. navigate().to(arg/url)
7. navigate().back()
8. navigate().forward()
9. navigate().refresh()

10. findElement(arg)
11. sendKeys(arg)
12. clear()
13. click()
14. isDisplayed()
15. isEnabled()
16. isSelected()
17. findElements(arg)
18. getAttribute(arg)
19. getText()

iv. Programming concepts (Java SE – Standard Edition / Core Java)

1. Java Programming Environment
2. Java basic Syntax
3. Java Comments
4. Java Data Types
5. Java Variables
6. Operators
7. Control Flow
a. Conditional / Decision-making
b. Loop
c. Branching

8. Strings
9. Arrays, ArrayList…
10. IO (includes File handling)
11. Exception handling
12. Java Object-oriented programming
Objects, Methods (Built-in and User-defined), * Constructer

a. Inheritance

b. Polymorphism

c. Abstraction

d. Encapsulation

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